Confused about breast rash

Hi. I’m confused about 3 rashes I have on my right breast.
The first 2 appeared about 3 weeks ago. They were red and angry looking. They now look like permanent bruises.
About a week ago I had another appear next to one of the others. Again red and angry looking. The skin is very dry where they are and got a peel appearance to them.
They are all numb as well. I mean I can pinch the skin on my new one so hard but I feel nothing.
All rashes look like bruises today. I have also noticed what look like freckles appear on and around rashes.
The rashes are on th left of the areola on my right breast.
Should I be concerned?

Hi Mrs N


Any changes in your breast should be a concern. They might be nothing at all, but unless you go to your GP and get a referral to the breast clinic, you will never know. Please get this checked out as soon as possible. As I said, it might be nothing, but you need to know for your own peace of mind. Better to go the breast clinic route and find it is nothing than sit at home worrying about it. 


Sending hugs and best wishes


poemsgalore xx

Thanks for the comment. I have an appointment to see ny gp tomorrow morning. Thing is they are rubbish :frowning:
This afternoon my breast has been itchy all on that one side. I am hoping I’m being silly over nothing x

I am going to see my gp in the morning. I’m hoping I’m just being silly

I would go and see a DR asap.


Good luck x

I hope your GP is helpful tomorrow.  It sounds like you don’t have much confidence in your GP though, having described them as “rubbish”.  Can you change surgery to one where you might have more confidence in their abilities?