Confused and worried

Found a lump 3 weeks ago, nothing showed on mammogram, ultrasound was inconclusive, they took a needle biopsy. Went for a more detailed scan last week & was told that needle biopsy showed mlump was malignant. They took more biopsies, booked a WLE for 3 weeks time.
Today I had a call to say that the 2nd biopsy was clear, so now have appointment with surgical team to discuss options.
Should be relived, but actually feel worse nd more confused. Have told my family, work & friends. Not sure how to handle this.

Hi CW0212

I’m sorry to hear that you are having a pretty confusing time at the moment. I’m sure the users of this site will be along to support you soon.

In the meantime maybe you would like to talk to a member of our helpline staff who are there to offer emotional support as well as practical information. The free phone number is 0808 800 600 and the lines are open Monday to Friday 9.00 to 5.00 and Saturday 9.00 to 2.00.

Best wishes Sam, BCC Facilitator

hi hun, bet you are confused, yes you do… no u dont, i would try to keep an open mind if you can, go to your appointmrnt and see what the team think is the best option for you to take, it may be that they still want to do the WLE just to make sure it is all clear, thats a good thing really, not nice that you may have to have surgery, but when its all done you will know for sure that there is nothing in there of any concern, its a dreadfull place to be, stuck in limbo land but im sure your breast team will have some answers and options when you go, hope all goes well for you xx angie

did you talk to the surgical team the first time or was it a nurse or a junior doctor. It could be that this is the normal consult you have before an operation, but they delayed it until they got the results of the second biopsy.

Unfortunately cancer seems to never be cut and dry, they have an idea what the lump is, they take some tests and get a better idea, take more tests and get a slightly different idea. Its not until they get the lump out that they know exactly what they are dealing with.

Did the first test say–definately cancer, or was it probably cancer but need more info and that is why they did a second test.

It might be that if the first test was negative, they would still have wanted to take the lump out anyway.They seem to operate on benign lumps more and more.

i know what you are saying about being confused rather than releived. its the not knowing thats the mind blowing thing, uncertaintly is hard handle.

You dont know what is going to happen to you.Are you going to be given the option wether or not to have a harmless lump taken out, are you going to be told that you have a harmless lump that definately needs to be taken out, or are you going to have a cancerous lump taken out and your nodes checked. You dont know, and you want to know now.

The helpline might make sense of all this , they realy are on the ball with tests and treatments

Realy feel for you, when is your meeting with the surgical team.

Thanks all for your replies, feeling a bit clearer now.
Last week it was absolute, no doubt, cancer. Met the surgeon, no juniors, they fast tracked me through the appointment system so I could meet him and not one of his team. There was no mention that he needed to be certain, he said they had taken the 2nd biopsy as a matter of course, but there was no doubt. If my husband hadn’t been with me I would now think I had made it up.
Have spoken to the BCN a couple of times today who has said my appointment next week is to discuss my options, maybe more biopsies, maybe an op. To be honest I would rather have the op, get rid of it & know for certain where I stand.
What makes 1 biopsy positive and 1 clear? It is too confusing for me. Anyway, I guess I will know for sure next week, the next few days can’t be worse than the last 2 weeks.
Anyway thanks for your support, will update you on Tuesday after appt with surgeon.

i would have thought one can be cancer and one can be clear either because one of the lab tests was faulty (there are false negative and false posative results) or because the biopsy takes such a small piece of tissue and they are taken from slightly different places, perhaps one just missed the area where the cells are.Perhaps your bump is a mixture of cancerous areas and non cancerous areas.

Gosh there are so many posibilites.

I think one thing to remember is that you do not have to decide on the day you talk to them. Unless it is completely cut and dry you might want to see what they say, make sure it is written down, either by you and them and tell them you want a day or two to think about it but not to cancel the surgery booking until you decide. The helpline here will help talk you through the options and you might have one gut feeling during the meeting but a different opinion after a good night sleep.

Sorry, I know this is really trivial but I am getting myself in a real state about the conflicting results. Not sure why, in fact I feel a bit silly worrying about something that could be good news.
The appointment letter arrived yesterday and has confused me even more, it says my appointment is with the specialist nurse, not the surgeon as I was led to belive last week.
The problem I have is that if they tell me it was all a horrible mistake I am not sure I how I will deal with it. Now I have heard the 1st biopsy was positive that is all I can think of. Anyway, I know I am being silly, it is only a couple of hours until my appointment, so all will become clearer than.
Just feel better writing it down, have phoned the helpline who were great but don’t want to keep ringing to say the same thing again and again.
Thanks for listening, you are great.

Hi CW,

do you have a contact for a Breast Care Nurse? I have recently been diagnosed and treated for Breast cancer and I found my BCN was the most supportive and useful contact point. She knew the ropes and knew I needed help on info and guidance on the process. She was great.

As mentioned by someone previously, the whole cancer thing is never a smooth road and I feel sorry for the docs as we treat them like gods at times and expect them to have all the answers - yes or no, cut it or blast it… There are many technologies/test available to specialists but at the end of the day there is a lot that is influenced by you, the individual patient.

Take heart and try not to think about it. Distract yourself by working more, socialising more…anything! Ensure you have the full picture and really question why they have come to certain conclusions. I asked the nurse to go through all my tests and results with me and I was even able to have the radiologist go through my Scans with me! This was to help me understand and accept the diagnosis process and the decisions being made about my health.

Ask questions, don’t be afraid - the specialists and your care team really do want to help you whether it’s through treatment or just answers your concerns. Write down your worries and doubts and take them to the Nurse and discuss them.


Thanks for your support & good wishes. It was bad & good news. Bad news it is malignant, good news is that they are going to remove it early August. He thinks it is so small that I may not need any other treatment, but it idepends on what they find post op.
Feel silly now for getting so worried, I was convinced they would tell me to wait for 6 months & then check again, so I am relieved that they are going to remove it. Now I have a plan I feel mor in control.This site is great, so supportive and informative,it has been heaven sent.

hi CW. you have had an ordeal, but now you know the facts, so things can start to become a little clearer, sorry to hear you have joined the club no one wants to join,
but at least your out of the waiting room for a while, its so horrible worrying and waiting, it drives you insane.i think thats the worst part.
and the better news is they are going to remove it, so thats what you have to try to focus on, its there but it soon wont be, and you may not have to have any other treatment… thats brilliant news, please let us know how your doing , thinking of you angie x