Confused and worried

I found a lump back in October but as it was the same side as a cyst that was found five years ago I ignored it until a couple of weeks ago.
The doctor referred me and on Tuesday of this week I saw a Consultant who between a scale of 1-5 gave me a 3 as he is unsure what he felt. I asked if it was a cyst again and he said no not this time as there is a definite lump.
I had my mammogram which they said looked fine and at the ultra sound she didnt really say much other than it was ok even though there was a large black area? She gave me a letter to give back to my consultant which I left at the reception and told her i thought everthing was good. I left thinking I must be ok but with in minutes of getting into the car I had a phone call and was told I needed a biopsy which is scheduled for the 4th of April.
Im just really confused as I thought the lady on the scan would of done this and I have been given no further details. (tbh I was too scared to ask!)
Has anyone else had this and also had a clear mammogram and a non committal scan?
Obviously im weeks away from knowing as my results from the biopsy will be another week after next :frowning:

Many thanks on any advise


Hi Sue

this is bound to be a very worrying time for you but I am sure others will be along soon to share their experiences. In the meantime, if you feel able to discuss Howe you are feeling, do call our Helpline on 0808 800 6000. They are closed on the bank holidays but open weekdays 9-5 and Saturday 10-2.

Best wishes

Louise, Facilitator

Thanks Louise

Just a littel scared about what the lump will be. I know its there but im confused as to why the mammogram didnt pick anything up…the scan showed a darkened area but the lady doing the scan didnt seem too worried unless she wasnt allowed to say anything :frowning: x

Hi Sue,
Sorry you have been left worried with all this. I was lead to believe that black spots were more likely to be cysts or fatty deposits where white areas could be calcifications. It’s unfair all this waiting but you must wait for the results as you would rather have exact explanations rather than a nurse/doctor saying they ‘think’…Unfortunately, the waiting part is the worst part, but once you have clarity you seem to gainstrength to jump the next hurdle ‘if’ you need to.
Keep strong

Thanks for the reply Maggie1964

To be honest I didnt know what to look for on the scan…i just spotted black and ignored any white as the white looked more rigid than the black. I think im just feeling alittle shocked that when she sent me back to the clinic with a sealed envelope, I assumed it was discharge papers and all was ok. I had a phone call within 10 mins of leaving from the consultant to say i needed a biopsy and to come in on Thursday 4th of April. I was wondering if anyone had had that experience themselves as I always thought the scanner did them and not the consultant. I keep telling myself its nothing but I also have this nagging feeling inside. I have another week until the biopsy and then the wait after that…i guess i just want to know so I can get on and plan for the future :slight_smile: x

Hi Susan_cov_42,
When I was dx the radiologist did the scan then biopsy tall at the same time then the consultant told me it didn’t look good and I had two places one was invasive ductal cancer and the other was ductal cancer in situ had Mx mon getting there slowly. The waiting is horrible but you will get there in the end. Thurs is not far away try to keep positive and treat each day as it comes. I was unable to see my scans at the time but knew by how long he was taking that something was wrong!
will be keeping fingers crosses for you sending hugs

Thanks Marie x

Hi susan i know its a really worrying time and the wait can drive you mad ,but i know at our hosp the radiologist would not do the needle biopsy so any area of concern at all they would report back to the consultant and he would contact you as he did its just a really great pity that he couldnt have done it there and then to save you all this stress
Ive just had surgery and waiting now for results to see what treatment i need, the needle biopsy isnt to bad at all i wish you well for your appt ,lots of love caz

Hi Sue,
I have just read your message I hadn’t the same experience but did go back to my doctor twice before confirming a lump in my left breast. I am 47 mother of two teenage children. Had two operations in November 2012. Had 11 lymph nodes removed and both breasts were treated my lump was removed they also took some from the right breast to test luckily they found apart from the lump no other cancer. I feel now though if I had not gone back to my doctors and just carried on my cancer could have spread. I have just finished a 15 week course of radiotherapy which has left me tired and lacking in motivation to do anything. Let me know how you go on.

Hi Sue,
i think from reading the links and other posts on here that there is no standard practise between hospitals.
I had my biopsy done in the breast clinic mammogram area as they have a room there for it and a specialist radiographer who does the biopsy!
we have a separate area from the main radiology dept for breast care does your hospital?