Confused re lump... should I get re-checked?

I am new to these forums & looking for some advice please. I’ve had a breast lump which I first noticed about 2 months after the birth of my second baby. Its on the left breast directly above the nipple. I went to the doctors when I first noticed the lump & was sent to the breast clinic for a scan & was told everything was fine, not to worry. The doctor that examined me said he couldn’t see anything at all on the scan but could feel the lump when I sit up but not when lying down (is this normal??).
The lump is still there and has never gone but I am continuely aware of it. I have noticed that the skin around and above the nipple where the lump is looks wrinkled, is this something I should get checked out? I don’t want to make a fuss as its already been checked before but I’m just confused as to why I’ve got this & should I be concerned? Does anyone have any experience of this at all?
Many thanks

Dear alicat18

Welcome to the forum. As well as the support you will receive on here you might also find it helpful to talk things over with one of our helpliners. They are open tomorrow from 10-2 and on weekdays from 9-5. The number is 0808 800 6000.

Take care

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Alicat, I can’t really offer advice as I am new here too. I am sure someone wiser and more experienced than I will offer sound support here, but if it was me then I would go back to my GP. If only to stop out of control thoughts.
I really do hope though, that you will be put at ease soon. Best of luck xxx

Hi Alicat, if you are still confused and concerned then you need to go back to your GP. Changes to breast skin need to be checked out. You say you had a scan at the Breast Clinic, what sort of scan did you have? Normally you have a mammogram then ultrasound and if anything shows up there you then have a biopsy. You need to have some explanation as to what the lump that you can feel is, more than likely it’s nothing sinister but you need to know what it is, there are lots of different types of lump that are not BC. Hope you get some definite answers soon, Pat x

Hi alicat

I’m sorry to read that you are having a pretty worrying time at the moment.

As Janet has mentioned above do give the helpline a call if you need some extra support during this worrying time. They are open today from 10 to 2pm and are there to offer emotional support as well as practical information. The free phone number is 0808 800 6000.

Best wishes Sam, BCC Facilitator

Hi There. I’m glad you’re going back to the doctors. Don’t forget to say you’ve found a lump in your breast as you should then get seen by the gp that day. Unfortunately you know you’ll have to wait for the clinic appointment So keep strong, keep busy and I know it’s hard but keep positive.
Emma xx

Hi Alicat sorry to hear of your concerns. Sue BCC above is right, give that Helpline a call today before 2pm , (if you haven’t done so already) . They are not open on Sunday and they were brilliant when I was climbing the walls with worry waiting for results. I have a fatty lump in my left breast been there for the past 12 years. Which I am told harmless. You can always call and speak to a breast care nurse at the breast clinic you attended on Monday. You are not making a fuss. Hope all goes well for you .Take care Kathy x

Hi, just thought I’d update as I’ve been to my GP this morning. My GP can feel the lump too & has referred me back to the breast clinic so hopefully not too long to wait till I get seen. I got a telling off for not going sooner about the wrinkled skin! But at least now I’ve been even though it was scary & I felt really nervous even just going to the GP, silly I know! Going to keep myself busy with the kids & hope that the appointment comes through quickly. Fingers crossed now! Thanks for all your support, alicat x

Hello I just needed to write down how I am feeling right now. Scared pretty much sums it up!! I’m lying here thinking about all sorts & I keep prodding ‘it’ (the lump) in the stupid hope that it has magically disappeared! Then I started googling (big mistake!!) & have now got myself in a right state stressing about this! Still no clinic appt come through,I’d got my hopes up that the letter might come today but it didn’t. When my GP examined me she said my lump had no clearly defined edges (which is what I’ve been googling) - apparently this is not a good sign?? ,I just want to know what it is instead of waiting & stressing :frowning:
I’m sorry to moan as I know there are many of you on here who have already been diagnosed & seem to be coping so well yet I am stressing about the what if’s! My biggest worry is my young children,they are my world & I hate the fact that I can’t control this & protect them.
Sorry for rambling,just feeling alone & scared right now :frowning:

Dear Alicat, of course you’re stressing about the ‘what if’s’, that’s what we all did before we had our diagnosis/results and knew what we were or were not facing. You are in the worst place at the moment, uncertainty is very scarey. PLEASE stop googling, you will only get out of date or plain inaccurate information, your imagination will run riot and you’ll scare yourself witless. The majority of breast symptoms in younger women do not turn out to be sinister, and even if they do, modern treatments are very successful and doable. Once you have some results from your appointment you will feel much more in control. Don’t apologise for moaning, this is what this forum is for - we all come to moan, rant, ask questions, voice our fears - in the knowledge that someone will reply and help/ support us. We may seem to you that we are all coping well but be assured we still all have our ‘wobbles’ and darker moments, but these get fewer and fewer as time goes on. Do keep posting and remember you are not alone, we are here for you. Sending you big (((hugs))), take care Pat x

Oh Alicat, I can really empathise! My doctor said a similar thing to me - no edges, attached and rough, but a bit squishy (?)! We all have the urge to google, try and keep busy. I’m just thinking of entertaining the kids, making and baking etc, just trying to carry on as normal. When I called the clinic on Monday, they told me to call back today. I thought it would never come but heyho here it is. Will call them when kids are settled.
Thinking of you and all others who are in the waiting room xxx

Alicat- this is completely the right place to let out all of your feelings. My biggest worry is also my children, and I feel fine one minute and think I’m coping with the wait quite well, then all of a sudden get really scared again about it all. It’s only normal to feel this way. I waited for the post every day waiting for appointment letter and felt dreadful every day it didn’t turn up so know how it feels- but you will hear soon- let us know. Sending you lots of love during the wait xx

Thank you Pat for your hugs, they are much needed and very much appreciated! I was having a very low moment when I wrote that post, I find the evenings when the kids are in bed the worst as my mind starts to wander. At least during the day they keep me so busy I usually don’t have as much time for thinking & worrying!!
Thank you Roisdara & beebee for your comments too, I’ve just shared on the other post that my appointment is next Tuesday 6th. I’m so glad its not too much longer to wait, I can’t bear the not knowing! I have been sat waiting for the post every day & was so relieved to get the hospital letter today. That’s one step forward so now I’m focusing on that to get me through each day, and in the meantime i shall keep busy - I’m thinking some retail therapy might be a good distraction?!? :slight_smile:
Roisdara - did your doctor give you much indication as to what this might mean with your lump? My doctor did not say too much, just that the wrinkled skin on the breast above the nipple is not there all the time (she had me moving my arms around whilst sat up - above my head, hands on hips etc). Then she just said that she could not feel where the lump begins and ends. Mine does not move at all & feels quite hard to me (I’m no expert tho!). Its a funny sort of rectangular shape too, I am trying to read something into everything!!!
Thank you for being here with me during this wait, I hope I can be here for you too & pray that we all get a positive outcome. xx

Hi Alicat, the doc gave me no indication at all, just described the lump as above. I am convinced it’s a cyst as it feels quite round to me. I have no idea really. The very best of luck for Tuesday and do let us know, if you can, how you got on. Hugs xx

Alicat- just want to say good luck for your appointment tomorrow- write down any questions you may want to ask so you don’t forget when you get there. Will be thinking of you xxx

Thank you for the good luck wishes. Feeling nervous now but also glad that I will at least know what it is,I’m sure I’ll be feeling more nervous in the morning!! I’ll let you know when I can how it goes. Hope you are keeping well,how are you both feeling about Wednesday? X

How did your appointment go Alicat I have been thinking about you and keeping my fingers crossed x
Love Maggie x

Hello ladies, thank you for your good wishes. Appointment went well today,they’ve said my lump is normal breast tissue!! I had an u/s scan but no mammogram? So although they can feel the lump,nothing is showing up on the scan - this is exactly what they said last time too. He also said I may just be the type of person to get lumpy breasts. & if I find any new lumps in future wait 4-6 weeks to see if they disappear before going to my GP!! This seems crazy to me,surely early detection is really important?

it was a stressful morning waiting around but the relief now is huge. Feel like the constant headache I’ve had has been lifted & I can’t wait to get a good nights sleep after all the worrying!

Roisdara & beebee I wish you all the very best for tomorrow & hope that you too get a good result. Will be thinking of u & please do let me know how you get on (when you can). x

Alicat- I just read your good news and have just breathed such a huge sigh of relief for you. Didn’t realise it was possible to be so pleased for someone I don’t really know but I am so so delighted for you! Relief! However, I would totally disregard what the GP said about waiting that long if it happens again- you know how crazy it makes you waiting even a few days! If it happens again go to GP ASAP and post again on here as the people on this site are wonderful as I’m sure you also know. Couldn’t be happier for you. Will keep you posted about my appt tomorrow although I have a late appt. Good luck too Roisdara if you also reading this. xxx

Brilliant news Alicat, we LOVE good news on this site. Best wishes for the future, take care Pat x