Confused & Worried

A while ago I attended a consultant about bloody discharge from my nipple and when I was there I had a mammogram done. The discharge was apparently a one off and the consultant said it was nothing to worry about, but on the mammogram they discovered a lump that I didn’t know I had. I had a needle biopsy done but I was told the lump was too small to remove any cells from it so it was nothing to worry about and he didn’t see any point in bringing me back to do another mammogram in a few months or years to “tell me it had only grown another mm or 2”. My problem is yesterday morning I was watching tv and saw a woman talk about a mammogram detecting a lump she could not feel and it was cancerous. She said she was told by the time she could have felt the lump it would have been potentially much worse. Now I am worried that this lump could have grown and my consultant doesn’t have any plans to bring me back at any time just to keep an eye on it. I’m worried that by the time I can feel it, it will be too late! Could anyone advise me as to what I should do. Sorry this is long but I hope someone can put my mind to rest.


In no way am I an expert having only found this forum a month ago when I found a lump in my breast. This was found to be only a cyst. It was removed but subsequently has either come back or is a new lump. In keeping with all the comments on this website, I would say, go back to your GP if your not happy. Get another referral, or get a second opinion.

It is probably nothing but it is best to be assertive and have it double checked.

Good Luck to You.

Hi Emma

Do you mind if I ask how old you are? In younger women who have dense breast tissue a mammogram is not definitive. You really need an ultrasound which will give a clearer picture.

The programme you saw certainly seems to reflect common thinking on the subject, ie the sooner the better. I don’t understand why your consultant is being so dismissive and, well, defeatist.

You deserve to have your concerns taken seriously so I agree with Suzette - be assertive, make an appointment with your GP and be prepared to turn on the waterworks if necessary.

Good luck and keep in touch.

Lola x

Thank-you for replying. I’m 37 and I had an ultrasound done on the same evening as the mammogram. They used the ultrasound after the mammogram to find the lump to do the needle biopsy. I had my first fibroadenoma removed when I was 15 and I had another one at that time that I decided not to have removed. I had another one removed at 26 and found another 2 at 28 which I also decided not to have removed and they subsequently seemed to disappear over the years. I have attended the same consultant in the past with pain in my breast and armpit and I was happy enough with his diagnosis. I have no idea if the lump has grown and I’m afraid of feeling stupid by asking for another mammogram or ultrasound to check it when he told me he didn’t see any point just to tell me it had grown a bit. Maybe he thinks it’s another fibroadenoma, but when they tested it that night he couldn’t give me a definitive answer. It was about a year ago when this happened . Do you think it’s usual for a consultant not to keep an eye on something like this? My husband’s first wife died from breast cancer at 36 and I don’t want him to go through any more heartache.


Agree with the girls, go back and insist on further investigation. I had mammogram in May and when I got back from holiday was re-called. They told me it was very tiny, and neither the Onc or surgeon could feel it. I think it was only about 5mm but they managed a biopsy. It was caught in early stages and was Grade1 and the Onc said, if you are going to get this, its the best one to have!!. Anyway had it removed by Lumpectomy and 4 Lymph Nodes which were clear.
Yes turn on the waterworks if you have to but get some answers, just for your own peace of mind or you will never stop wondering.

Take Care
Norma x


Monday soon, are you going to see your GP? Please do and let us know how you get on. I know it’s scary but sometimes it’s a relief to at least know either way.

Best of Luck


If it were me for peace of mind I would have the little blighter removed. I had a fatty lump a couple of years ago which they said they would remove if I wanted - I said yes. Went this year with a lump which I could feel - here was me really blase thinking it will just be the same - so to say I was shocked was an understatement - grade 3 bc - now having chemo and the works. Any time in the future I would not hesitate to hassle them to get something removed - if they aint sure and just ‘thhink’ its nothing - get it out!!

Hope this helps

Hi everyone,
thank you for your advise. The love and concern that emanates from this forum is truly amazing. I will phone my gp tomorrow morning, but it normally takes about 2 weeks to get a non urgent appointment with her. As soon as I see her I will get back to you all and let you know what she had to say.

Thanks again

Hi Emma

Good luck with the appointment. These days when I try to get a GP appointment I always say it is urgent and the girls accept it. If your receptionist asks why say, “I have a lump in my breast” and hopefully they’ll be too nervous not to class it as an emergency.

I’m sorry I can’t help on the actual medical side as your situation sounds very convoluted. With such a history I completely understand your fears and worries. I would want a close eye kept on me too.

37 is young for breast cancer and I would think at your age mammogram would not be too reliable. My tumour showed up on mammogram but that’s because it was highly aggressive (Grade 3) and pretty large as I was undiagnosed for 8 months. The rest of the tests - ultrasound, FNA, core biopsy - were just done to confirm the diagnosis.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you. Please let us know what the doc says.

Lola x