Last week I went to my GP after finding a lump in my armpit. The GP examined me and also found another smaller lump so referred me to the breast clinic.

I was invited in for a mammogram and ultrasound just a few days later and had the appointment this morning (mammogram first then ultrasound).

The doctor who carried out the ultrasound said she couldn’t see anything concerning and that I would be seen at the breast clinic in two weeks.

Obviously, the fact she didn’t see anything concerning is great news. But she didn’t say what the lump was… which has left me a little confused.

Do you think I’ll find out more at the actual breast clinic?


Hi welcome to the forum .The mammogram shows slightly different views of your breast than the ultrasound and the images have to be looked carefully by 2 radiographers I think . Hopefully combined the images will tell the doctor you see at the clinic what’s most likely going on . If there’s any uncertainty about what they are seeing they may suggest a biopsy to confirm ,vast majority of lumps and changes are not breast cancer but they are always over cautious when investigating . Hope you get positive news :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


Thank you - that’s really helpful to know.

The doctor said something like “I’ve had a quick look and it doesn’t seem concerning”. It was all so quick it wasn’t till I got home I started questioning it all!

Thanks again for your reply and good wishes.


I’ve now been to the breast clinic (4th November) I was examined and the consultant reviewed the results of the mammogram and ultrasound. She was not at all concerned - just said I had lumpy breast tissue!

The consultant said she would take a sample of the nipple discharge for analysis and that she would write to me with the results. Again, she was not concerned.

On Friday afternoon I had a call at around 3pm saying the consultant would like to see me Monday morning (tomorrow) at 0945.

Is is possible that something has been picked up from the analysis of the discharge that wasn’t picked up from the mammogram / ultrasound?

Seems odd to call me in to tell me everything is ok?

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Hi els82,

Just wondering how your appointment went ? Hopefully all was ok?

C x

Hey! Thanks for asking!

So the consultant has said my cytology results show some cells which are probably nothing but could be something. So he has suggested surgery to remove the ducts under my nipple. I’m booked in for the surgery 20th December.

Im a little nervous and would be interested to hear if anyone else has had this surgery.