Hi, I found a very hard lump in my right breast 2 weeks ago and went to my doctors the very next day. She referred me for an emergency appointment at the beast clinic. The lump was hard and of no shape. As you can imagine I was very worried, checking the lump all the time. A few days later the lump wasn’t so promonent, I thought it had gone… I have still been checking daily and my right breast feels a lot harder in places than my left breast. I have also been experiencing shoting pains from near my armpit down the side of my breast, but not everyday. My appointment is tomorrow for my mammogram. Can this be cancer? X

Hi Daisy12

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While you are waiting for replies I have put for you below the link to one of BCC’s publications which you might like to read

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Jo, Facilitator

Hi Daisy
While I’m unable to answer your question, I just wanted to say that I really feel for you, waiting is horrible. I hope it is good news tomorrow. And either way, do come back if you’d like to to say how you got on.
Best wishes

Hi daisy. Thinking of you and wishing yougood news for today. Waiting for appointments and results are always the hardest. I too am waiting the results of my pathology report, due in later today, appointment with consultant 6.30 i had a mastectomy and implant reconstruction on 11/1 following multi site DCIS. Fingers crossed and a big cyber hug to you.

Hi Cheryl17

I think we were probably diagnosed around the same time and sort of lost you off threads as I have gone onto have chemo before surgery. Hope your op went well and your recovery on track. how are you feeling. I am looking to poss double MX when chfinishes ear early March. How are you getting on with yours - still early days I know. I was thinking implants as don’t feel upto complicated surgery as had 8 ops in my lifetime so hoping immediate recon going to discuss in a couple of weeks.

it’s all go had 2nd chem yesterday and off to genetics today. What a roller coaster .

Wendy x x

Daisy 12

Glad you are getting it checked out. I know the waiting is hell but hopefully it will be ok as it has shrunk sounds hormonal but they are the experts .

Sending hugs let us now

Wendy x x

Hi Wendy How is the chemo going? I am day 12 following the MX and LD flap plus breast implant reconstruction. The first 24 hours was the first, but even that wasn’t too bad. Once the correct cocktail of medication was in place I have had fairly limited pain more like really uncomfortable. No pain from myback as yet, just a little pain under the armpits towards the back. I had 3 drains in, 1 from the breast and 2from the back all removed before I left hospital on day 6. I just need to have weekly drainage from my back for several weeks. Wendy like you I have also had many operations to do with my knees and nowhave two knee replacements so I was undecided between LD flap and implants. I think because I am 51 size 36C my consultant advised me that this option would give me the best reaListic looking boob for my age and i particularly wanted it all done in 1 operation. I didn’t want to return to have expanders exchanGED for implants. I know it is early days but I don’t regret the choice i made. I amreturning to the consultants tonight to hopefully have the dressings removed and to get the pathology report. Praying for cLear results. Let me know if you need any more help. Good luck with the rest of the chemo. Cyber hugs to you. Xxxxx

Cheryl 17 thanks for your reply really helps to have some bodies opinion.

been to genetics today and I more than likely carry a mutated brca1 or brca 2 gene so having blood tests shortly hopefully will now before surgery date but think I will go ahead with double mx.

chemo ok only day 2 after tax 2 but was dreading the tax because heard horror stories but have been good so far fingers crossed

Wendy xx