Hello everyone, first post here, although have been addicted to this site for the last few days!


I found a very hard ‘thing’ about 6 weeks ago in my left breast - it was really hard, I couldnt determine shape/size and didnt feel like it moved - almost felt like the whole left side of my breast had gone hard.  Put it to the back of my mind for a few weeks as you do then last Monday (15th)as it was still still there went to the GP, she also felt it straight away and said it was definitely a lump.  Put an urgent referral through (My Mum has had BC before so another reason to worry)  - the clinic rang me 2 hours later which freaked me out slightly!  MY appointment at the clinic is tomorrow however my breast now feels really different - the hard thing is not so obvious - my breast feels fuller and I have to search around to find the hard thing and now im not even sure if the hard thing is just part of my breast?!  After reading some posts about people being made to feel stupid/ wasting peoples time I’m now really worried about going tomorrow!


Just wondered if anyone else had experienced changes like this?


I am so glad I found this site! Ever since the referral was made I have been worried sick - not able to sleep work etc, thought I was major over reacting so very reassuring to find lots of others in the same boat xx

Hi sparkle57. I really relate to your feelings. I went to the doctor after i noticed a change in my breast (I had a little bloody discharge I was concerned about but wasn’t aware of a lump). When she checked, she said she felt a ‘thickening’ in the breast and put forward an urgent referral. During that time I too felt the lump, which then disappeared, and then came back, and then seemed to shrink…I was paranoid that I’d be thought of as a time waster and spent the time until my appointment prodding and poking myself to try to confirm I still had a lump and googling symptoms. I think I can understand what you’re feeling and it’s natural. But your doctor agreed to refer you for a reason. It’s what these services are there for. It’s important you get checked.

When I finally went for my appointment the discharge had all but stopped and I struggled to find the lump. The doctor I saw also struggled and didn’t seem hugely concerned but referred me for further tests. Mammo showed nothing of concern and ultrasound looked good but one small area picked up which they decided to biopsy. I’m eternally grateful they persisted as it turned out to be invasive breast cancer.

I hope you go for your check with a clear conscience tomorrow, knowing you’re doing the right thing, and I hope you get the all clear :slight_smile: xx

Hi sparkle,


You are not a time waster. Whatever it is, it is worrying you and you need to have that addressed - even if it turns out to be nothing. Better that, than to ignore it and possibly regret it big time in the future. I hope it is nothing, but don’t worry about people thinking you are a time waster - they won’t. Sending big hugs and best wishes for tomorrow. xx

Thank you both just have to try and sleep tonight now! X

Good news for me - cysts/glandular tissue good luck to everyone else on here no matter what stage you are at xx