I am wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience when meeting with oncologist.
On 23rd May I had a 10mm grade 1ER positive HER2 Negative WLE with OSNA SNB. Results appointment last Tuesday confirmed good margins and micromets of less than 1000 in nodes. Have been prescribed Letrozole for 5 years and was told that I would be having radiotherapy 15 sessions. Appointment with oncologist yesterday started well discussing surgery and next steps however half way through the meeting I was told that I could actually walk out of room and not have further treatment if I wanted and chances are in all probability cancer would never return. Obviously the words chances and probability mean that I am in no doubt in my mind that I will take the drugs and have the radiotherapy which when I met with the surgeon and B Nurse appeared to be the next logical step in treatment plan. I advised the oncologist that we have a family holiday booked for a special birthday leaving on 15th July. As I have still not had scans or planning meeting it seems unlikely that I will be starting treatment much before this date. I asked if I could start my treatment when we get back from holiday at which point oncologist seemed to suggest that this was not a good idea. I am confused if I walk away and have no treatment with minimal risk why is it so important that I cancel my holiday to have treatment for the sake of a few weeks delay. Has anyone else had a similar experience. It’s not that I won’t cancel my holiday its just I’m confused by what seems to be mixed messages. Sorry to ramble and hope I am making sense any insights would be appreciated. Chris



I would give your bcn a call and good some clarity on it.  Usually your oncologist will send the information through to the rads team who will write to you with an appointment date for the planning session, at that they will give you a date for when you would start your rads.


I know was concerned when i saw my consultant because I was already six weeks post surgery in November 2016 and I would not be starting rads until the December of that year, he said as long as it starts within 12 weeks from surgery it is ok.


I was told by both my oncoogist and surgeon at the time that as my was caught so early and was small that I could probably do without radiotherapy but that it was a belts and braces measure so I went with it.


Helena xxx


Thanks Helena. I just want to make sure that I am doing the right thing for me and the family. I don’t want to risk this coming back but was confused by the comments. Will ring my B Nurse on Monday. Xx

My radiotherapy didn’t start until 16 weeks after my surgery so I don’t think you should have to cancel your holiday xx

My rads were delayed due to a pre booked vacation to India. The onco was adamant that i shouldn’t cancel and my rads started 13 weeks after my WLE and SNB ops! All ok. I was told a few week here and there wouldn’t make the slightest difference! Planning was done 1 week prior to to my holiday and statred rads the day after I returned home! Hope you can get sorted!! Good luck ???

Good news have managed to get agreement to have planning meeting two days before we go away. Have agreed to come home earlier than planned (we were going for 4 weeks but now cut to two ) Means I can celebrate my birthday with my family and start treatment 11 weeks after surgery. Bit of a comprise but at least we can get away with the grandkids which is all I wanted for my big birthday. Thank you everyone for your advice much appreciated x

Ladybowler it’s my 60th. Can’t believe I’m going to be 60. Until this all started felt like I was still about 40!!.Had such big plans for what we were going to do this year and then something like this comes along and you sort of put everything on hold. That being said starting to come out the other side and realising how lucky I am. Takes a shock like being told you have cancer to make you understand how truly blessed you are and to make the most of every day.