Very new to forum struggling navigating!!
Has anyone here had oral chemotherapy or can advise in general about their chemotherapy journey please ?


Welcome 1980. There’s no right or wrong way to feel. We are all different and in this together. Sending you love and positive thoughts. You will get through this. I start my chemo on Friday. I was really struggling but my new Oncology Centre my family and friends and this forum have helped. Still worried but I’ve got this. And you will too. Xxx

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Welcome to the forum @butterfly1 . You could maybe also post in the Chemotherapy section of the forum to get more information and experiences . If you are going through chemo there are also monthly threads for people going through chemo at the same time so you can support each other Chemotherapy monthly threads

Best of luck with your treatment . Jill

So just wanted to get this out if it’s ok. Told my sister tonight. Hardest conversation I’ve ever had and feel a mixture of relief and overwhelming guilt that I’ve burdened them with this too. Feeling very grateful that I have this forum as an outlet to people who get how hard this is and hope you are all getting the support you need. I know that sharing these crappy feelings is what this forum is all about but still feel guilty that I’m sharing this stuff xx


I told very few people as I found it unbearably hard and emotional each time , once I’d got to the bottom of the “ essential “ list I felt a great relief . You can’t really be responsible for other peoples feelings too much right now as it’s barely possible to cope with your own feelings .


I agree…For me too…Telling my loved ones is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I also know how hard it is to reach out on forums like these…I very nearly deleted my original post…I’m glad I didn’t though because it’s important we all get every bit of support we can…


Thanks 1980, It’s a shame we are all in this circumstance but it’s nice to know I’ve got some people who understand what I’m going through. I’ve been open and honest with my family and friends and I have good days and then some days I just cry and i’ve excepted that is ok too. I am just hoping I will get through this :pray::crossed_fingers:. I’ve got another operation next Monday to remove all my lymph nodes. I’m jus preying it hasn’t spread anywhere else. I don’t read into stuff because when I first got diagnosed i started reading up on it and got so bamboozled and started having panic attacks. So much to take in and so many different types and scenarios.

Hope you have had a nice weekend. Let this week be good for us all and we can fiend our inner strength to enjoy it. x