Considering delayed reconstructive surgery


I had a full mastectomy in June 2022 following intensive chemotherapy.  At the time I just wanted the breast gone.  I’d already had two lumpectomies but there was still cancer cells in my breast so I chose a full mastectomy rather than a third lumpectomy.  
I was fine with the surgery and it got rid of the cancer. I got a prosthetic breast which took a while to get one that looked right due to me having a twisted rib cage through scoliosis.  I must admit I didn’t like wearing it and finding a bra that was comfortable or even looked nice was near impossible. Then this summer comes and I find I have to wear the false boob cos of wearing tighter T-shirts etc. Well the heat and prosthesis are not a great combination. I get hot and sweaty, I have found some inserts that I can now use with my old bras and they are brilliant, but I still get sweaty and uncomfortable.  I get sore where the rib juts out under where the prosthesis lays.

I have been getting upset and down with my situation every morning thinking, what can I wear, oh no I’ve got to put my false boob on again.  I wish now I had gone for reconstructive surgery at the same time as my mastectomy.  I am in my 60s and I would like to feel ok about what I wear, not worry about what I can wear not have the for me hassle of putting on my prosthesis.

I was wondering if anyone else has got a year down the line and felt they now may want reconstructive surgery? I know it’s not an easy option and recovery will be long and painful but so is everyday waking up and wondering what do I wear and dreading the putting on of my prosthesis.

thanks for reading, sorry it’s so long.

Welcome to the forum Sue , I haven’t been in your situation but I know many people have reconstruction further down the line after they have completed treatment . You have a right to feel comfortable with how you look and feel and I’m sure you could be referred for a discussion with a surgeon about the options for you . You may also like to post in the surgery section to get others experiences of recovery from delayed reconstruction ? Best wishes Jill


I’m only 5 weeks down the road from my left side mastectomy having previously gone through lumpectomy and have a rib issue finding it difficult to get comfortable bras and prosthetics. And of course being early days everything is still raw and sore both physically, mentally and emotionally. I don’t much like the development in the new me much, but continue to find solutions.

So I found reading how you feel a year on and how you’re still trying to find bras and prosthetics that are comfortable made me wonder if I will feel the same. Unfortunately I couldn’t have reconstruction using my own body parts due to spinal surgery only two months before my mastectomy but was told I could have had an implant which I turned down as I’ve had two friends go through this.  Both had to have them removed due to rejection and infection issues, so that put me off. 

For now I have found wearing long line cami sports / yoga tops rather than bras more comfortable especially with my sticky out rib (previously broken in my younger years). I’m finding these more comfy as they don’t ride upwards. Plus using ’knitted knockers’ weighted cotton prothesis sits well inside without causing that sweaty issue so much, they’re easier to form into the right shape and stay in place with different outfits and they’re free! When at home I don’t wear any prosthesis, so much more comfortable. 

I’ll definitely review reconstruction next year when fully recovered, if that’s possible and think it’s definitely worth you discussing it with other forum users about their experiences and of course the breast surgeon especially on what will be best for you . Good luck ???

Hi Jill,

Thanks for your support. I will have a look on the surgery forum.




sounds like you are using what I did in the first few months post surgery.  I too used the sports type bras and the knitted knockers were great!  I found once I got my prosthesis getting bras that fitted and looked nice was difficult.  I had scoliosis when a teenager and had surgery but was left with a twisted rib cage and a humped back on the same side as my mastectomy. So even before cancer I had difficulty buying bras etc.  anyway, I found online at marks and spencer some prosthesis inserts for bras.  These have been brilliant, although you do sweat but they hold the prosthesis in place and I can now wear my favourite bras I had before mastectomy.  They fit any bra any you can buy different sizes.  They don’t look like they would work but for me, it’s enabled me to stop and give me time to think what I want.  I will arrange to speak to the Macmillan team and see a surgeon.  It just depends if they can ‘match my other breast as because of the twisted ribcage it isn’t great.

Anyway, good luck with your recovery and thanks for your reply.



Hi, not an answer to your reconstructive surgery but have you looked at the site Knitted Knockers? I found the prosthesis heavy and hot so use a knitted one which is surprisingly very good for every day wear. No charge but they ask for donations if you are happy. Maybe not for everyone but I’m a B cup and it’s fine.

Hello. I had my right side mastectomy in June 2021 and have worn the prosthetic boob ever since. This summer I was so hot with it. It was heavy and I felt so frumpy not being able to wear strappy, halter neck and off the shoulder tops. On Monday I finally started my reconstruction journey with the Becker expander implant surgery. One night in hospital and home now. Feeling sore and tired but excited for my new body. It’s all a personal choice but I’m pleased I finally made the decision to have it done. Good luck with your decisions x