considering skipping chemo

Hi, I’ve recently been diagnosed with Stage 2 bc measuring 4cm and has spread to lymph node (hormone receptor +). I have just completed my FEC chemo treatment and am set to start Taxol weekly for 12 weeks.

I have not done my mastectomy as yet and am highly considering not going through with the taxol chemo and going straight into surgery then radiotherapy and hormone therapy.

Has anyone else opted for the same? Chemo is so horrible and am afraid that it’s doing more damage than good. I have a 3yr old daughter to consider too.

Please help:(


I’m having TC chemo so can’t comment on your regime. However I would say go on the advice of your consultant. They are the experts after all. 

Also, try and look at the end game. Yes, chemo at times is challenging, but it’s relatively short-lived, and surely you want to give yourself the best chance of beating this thing? 

Sue x

Hi Sue,

Yes I guess you’re right. It’s not that I can’t handle the side effects (already lost all my hair), it’s just that i’ve heard so many stories of cancer returning either way and that chemo could create other types of cancer.

Just all very scary :frowning: recently celebrated my 30th birthday and this is not how I expected to be “celebrating” the year.

But I guess I should be grateful and have plenty more years to look forward to :slight_smile:

Hi Kay
I felt exactly the same as you do now. I was worried about having chemo for the exact reasons you mentioned e.g. chemo doing more harm than good. I’m 39 and have a 6 year old.
I decided to throw everything at it though as Sue has just said.
However the side effects have been pretty tough for me and one of the nurses spoke to my Oncologist who decided to reduce total sessions from 6 to 4 and reduce dose to 90%. He was quite happy to do this and said overall outcome wouldn’t be any different. Speak to your Oncologist and see what he/she says. I know it wouldn’t be possible for everyone to have reduced dose etc but I have spoken to 2 ladies near me and both had sessions reduced.
Hope you get sorted either way xx

Sorry you have found yourself here especially at your age. This is a descion only you can make after full discussion with your oncologist. At 30 with a young child I would finish the chemotherapy it wouldn’t enter my head not to but that is me. The taxane component greatly increases survival for node positive disease and whilst there are no guarantee that it will never come back your treatment plan will give you the best chance of being around for as long as possible. I had 2 doses of docetaxel before being switched to weekly taxol and whilst not side effect free I found it much more managable . Don’t mean to offend by being to the point and good luck with what ever you decide :slight_smile:

Thank you sooo much ladies. I will definitely speak to ny oncologist regarding the possibility reducing


… possibility of reducing chemo sessions. If not, will just have to take each session as it comes :slight_smile:

Thanks and best of luck to you all xxx

Hi Kay

Sorry you havent had a good time of it up to now, obviously I cant tell you what to do but I can share my experience of weekly paclitaxel. I had 3 xEC and 12 weekly paclitaxel and whilst not side effect free weekly paclitaxel was really doable its not has hard hitting as 3 weekly tax and by a couple if weeks after I was feeling fit as a fiddle, it really wasnt as bad as EC. Im only 37 so I took the chance to throw everything at it. My tumour was still largish after EC but after Paclitaxel is was so so small I could feel it shrinking week on week.

You are in a scary place right now but 12 weeks for years is worth it.

Take care

Jen x

Thank you JenJen. Yes, I think the harder part (FEC) is behind me :slight_smile:

Thank you. I think I just had one of those bad days and needed reassurance that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

There is certainly light at the end of the tunn x this time last year I was diagnosed I started chemo in Nov, had mastectomh in may, rads in July and im back at work full time and fighting fit now. Hang on in there it does get easier xx

I love a success story jenjen x