Constant bone and joint pains

Hi all! I wonder if anyone else has had the same symptoms and would be really grateful for some reassurance.
I am almost a year in from diagnosis(11th July). I had invasive ductal cancer, 7cm tumour, mostly pre cancer but 4mm cancer and 1 node involved. I’ve had left mastectomy, chemo, rads and am currently getting herceptin and taking tamoxifen.
Cgemo finish end if jan and 3weeks of radio finish end of feb. For about the last 6-8 weeks I’ve been getting recurrent bone pain, mostly in back, shins, ribs, chest, knees, hips but occasionally in fingers and arms too. The pain sort of comes and goes and can be stronger some days and milder others, and there are some points of the day where I don’t notice any pain. I’m just wondering if anyone else has experienced similar issues and wonder what could be causing this. Obviously I can’t get the idea out of my head that I have bone mets and there are times when I am convinced that I do! My gp has said it is probably late side effects of treatment! I met with my onc yesterday who said that this could well be a late side effect of chemo and that sometimes tamoxifen can cause these complaints and he did not seen overly concerned. He is, however, referring me for a bone scan, which was requested by my physio. This can take up to 4 weeks just to get an appointment!
I’m so worried about this! I just need piece of mind and I can’t shake this fear and worry that’s hanging over me.
I have an appointment with my breast surgeon next week, too so I could talk to her more about it and see what she thinks! I just can’t stop worrying and crying over this!
I’m 29 and mum to 2 young girls and I’m desperate to feel like a normal mum again but feel as though I will never feel normal again! I just want to feel like I’m on a road to recovery but actually feel like I have something new to complain about and it’s getting me down!
Apologies for the large post! Just really struggling at the minute and hope someone can give me some piece of mind, at least.
K x

I am no expert but would have though that it is really unlikely that you would have bone mets in all these places so soon after treatment and with just 4 mm of invasive cancer. It sounds to me more like the after effects of chemo/early side effects of Tamoxifen. A bone scan will hopefully reassure you.

Contemplating the horrors of breast cancer is extremely distressing and can make you feel even worse. I’ve been there too. I got myself into such a state-crying constantly-when waiting for a bone scan. The day of the scan I suddenly felt much better and realised that the anxiety itself was making the aches and pains much worse. I still have hip pain but my bone scan was clear. Right now I’m working on trying not to catastrophise every ailment-it’s an ongoing struggle.

I hope this gives you some solace.

Thanks so much for your reply! This does give me reassurance thanks! Sorry to go on x