Constant feeling of dread

Hi everyone. I was diagnosed 2 days ago and since then have had a continuous feeling of dread. I’m finding it difficult to eat and sleep. It’s 4.33 in the morning and I’ve been looking through the Breast Cancer Now website and have just downloaded the BECCA app.  I’ve come across the forum and wanted to reach out for any suggestions of coping strategies to deal with these feelings of panic, dread and fear. Waiting for the biopsy results so still unaware of what I’m dealing with. Thanks. 

Good morning Gerryberry,

So pleased you have come to the forum, we have all been there and now we are there for you.

Its such a shock when you get these results, you don’t know whether you’re on your head or heals at the moment,  As you say it’s all fear, anxiety and stress at the moment once you get a plan in place what treatment you will be having things will get better for you also lots of support, from family and friends, this site is outstanding you can unload your worries at anytime. 
Please let us know how you doing, take one day at a time wishing you well.

biggest hug Tili :rainbow: :rainbow:

Hello Gerryberry,

It is horrible what you are going through. I know because I found out last Monday that I have breast cancer and, like you, am awaiting the results of biopsies for the full picture. I found the first 3-4 days the worst, like one long internal scream. What helped me was to carry on as ‘normally’ as I could (I know nothing feels normal right now and we’re terrified it never will be again), which meant doing all I had planned, making myself eat at usual times and accepting all offers from friends to meet, chat  zoom, whatever. I have managed to sleep a bit - sheer exhaustion maybe - but someone else will hopefully be along with suggestions to help you get some rest. I’ve found things have eased a bit in the past couple of days, still anxious all the time, but not at the same stratospheric levels. It does feel like the lull before the next storm, but what I would say is that when these mini-interludes come along  make the most of them. It is awful, isn’t it, knowing this thing is here now? I hope you manage OK. 


I m so sorry you are struggling. I remember that time well (2014) and I promise you this is the worst part of the process and once you know what you are dealing with it does get easier. I tried to take each hour at a time and keep myself occupied mentally even if it’s a book , a TV prog or a crossword(or just a hug). Your mind will go back to the worry but breath deeply and slowly and tell yourself in this moment you are ok, one step at a time. Sending you big virtual hugs.xx

Hi the only way I found to stop those feelings taking over, especially at night was to listen to some form of meditation (google sleep meditation) There are some good free ones out there. Just choose the one that works for you. The ones with breathing exercises are good and cleansing chakra. I had never tried anything like this before but honestly it lulls your brain into relaxation. Try it. Sending love x