Oh boy finally had a movement today. It’s been 5 days coming ! Anyone else had problems with constipation it would be good to prevent it with the next one.

Aliand. It’s very common with FEC (if you’re having T later it goes the other way). Drink lots, have lots of veggies and get out for a walk if you can. That said you may still need a bit more help as it’s not caused by diet. Fybogel is good or check your chemo goody bag as they should give you something for it. If not then ask! Good luck. X

Hello, I did earlier on and Movicol has been my close companion ever since. Highly recommended because it seems to be gentle and effective (along with the other excellent advice about fruit, vegetables and lots of water). I hope it helps and you feel better soon. 

Aliand. As MJK says, extremely common on FEC (EC) but T is a totally different story!!! I would repeat MJK’s advice but I added in prunes in natural juice which were an alternative to medication and worked for me! Good luck! x

Thanks all. I wasn’t eating much either because I felt so sick and usually I drink lots of water and fruit tea but that tasted so bad I probably wasn’t drinking enough. Found tonic water tasted better. Next time I will be more prepared.