Consultant appointment


I am due to see the consultant next month about lipofill reconstruction and a reduction and uplift on the good breast. I wondered if anyone had any advice before I see the consultant. I’m not sure what questions to ask and what to expect. Any advice gratefully received.

Thanks, Dee

Hi Dee,
I can’t really offer any advice, but will be really interested to hear how you get on. I am planning recon in about 6 months, when I have completed rads and things have settled down. Like you, I would like a reduction and uplift on the existing side. Having been left with a fairly loose, flabby tum after 3 kids, I would be keen to have diep recon. But I know my surgeon does not favour this method. I am not sure how much is a surgeon’s pref and how much is to do with matching the patients suitability and treatment. It is also an 8hr op, with a long recovery time, which is a factor. There is a lot to think about isn’t there? But my initial questions are: what option is best for me? What is the recovery time? What are the risks and success rates? Can I see pictures of their finished results? What gives the best long-term results, with the breasts ageing in a similar way?
Good luck! Will follow your progress with great interest!