Contact breast prostheses

I am thinking of switching to the contact breast form and would welcome views from anyone who uses them on what they’re like - the good and the bad.

My BCN says my scars are flat so I would be a suitable candidate - I’m now 2.5 years post op. I have a lot of back and shoulder problems so this is my main reason for wanting to switch.

Apart from general views, can I ask how you find them in hot weather and also whether they cause any irritation to the skin.
I have very sensitive skin so that is a concern for me - also with that, the cleaning stuff for the prostheses.

Thank you, Elinda x


I wear a stick on one which I think is great I play a lot of squash and go to the gym. I have a tiny lump at one end of my scar and sometimes this part doesn’t stick as good. It will a few goes to get it in the right position, also depending which bra I wear I slightly change the position. Good luck with yours

Thanks Suzie for your reply. I have a similar thing at the end of one of my mx scars so I guess it would be a case of trying to see if sticks okay or not.

Anyone else have any experience of the contacts?

Elinda, there’s a long-ish thread about these, and those of us that use them, here…

I have sensitive skin, but so far haven’t had any issues with the cleaning products or with hot weather (and I live in the South of France, so it does get hot here).

thanks so much Kittiekat. I did do a search but didn’t use the right phrase. I’ll have a read.
Good to know that they work for you even in sunny south of France. Elinda x


I have been wearing self adhesive breast prosthesis bilateral for the past 9 years, and I find them great, I wear the Tria Contact, full diamater, giving a fuller breast, lightweight, and I get on great with these, I am going through the early menopause and hot flushes, but still stick ok. Even on holiday, they stick ok

Howeverr the only thing I tend to wear a pocketed bra for added security, if I am hot and being active, like at the gym or on holiday and doing active things, just for the security. I wear the swimforms for the swimming as they are hollow and lightweight silicone but you need them in a pocket, as they dont stick to you.

I always carry the little bottles of adhesive cleaner with me in my handbag incase I feel them starting to unstick, and I can go to the disabled toilets (as they have a sink in there), and take them off reclean them, dry them under the handdryer and restick, and I am ready for the rest of my shopping…

I have tried several types of contact, and found the tria contact ones the better ones, (they have little dots over the breast and these can stick to all your skin even when it is uneven or scars are still raised, I have uneven skin, and there is a bit of concave (dent in the skin and rib area), and my prosthesis sticks well there. just remember to squeeze it from the breast side so that you have the middle of the prosthesis that sticks to your skin fully rounded, so you can start in the middle of the prosthesis to the middle of your skin breast area, then press outside to the skin, this will make it stick to all your breast area.
Hope this helps


Thanks that is very helpful. I was a bit worried about how they’d stick in hot weather particularly when the hot flushes get started. I like the idea of using a bra with pockets some times if you need extra security. I’ve decided to give them a go.

Thanks also for the tips on cleaning them and how to put them on well.

Elinda xx