Contact with others during Radiotherapy

Hi all. 

just looking for some advice if anyone can help. Due to start radiotherapy in July for four weeks. I work in a preschool and was thinking of continuing to work part time whilst having treatment if feeling up to it. However my employer says that I will be radioactive therefore shouldn’t be in contact with children. As far as I’m aware I’m having external beam radiotherapy no mention of any dye being used. Thought I’d see if anyone else had come across this. 

@Mermaid79  - I’m not medical, but I don’t think what your employer said is correct - I certainly don’t recall being told to keep away from children when I had radiotherapy, and I know friends with young children who didn’t stay away from their children during treatment. However, you might want to give the nurses on here a call for confirmation, or even call your hospital breast nurse. All the best for the radiotherapy and I hope you are able to keep working - though do make sure you get rest, it can be tiring, and also drink plenty of water to help. Evie xx

Mermaid, I really fell about laughing with this one! I had 30 sessions 4 years ago, and specifically asked if it was ok to see my grandchildren ….thinking of my immune system, not glow- in- the-dark radioactivity……and the answer was yes. Think your employer needs educating. Fatigue was my enemy by the end. Best wishes. Ann x