Continual pain for years...

Hi. I am 38 yrs old and have suffered with niggly, painful breasts for a good few years now. I was referred in 2013 and only cysts were found (I was pregnant at the time). Since then I have gone on to receive treatment for abnormal cervix cells and the pain in my breast has become increasingly unbearable. I’ve never been great at checking my breasts but when forced everything feels lumpy. The pain is with me pretty much all month. The pain runs from my left breast to my armpit, down my arm and my shoulder blade. I realise everyone is different but with a 4 and 1 yr old I guess I just want comfort that everything will be ok. X

Hi K8e

While you’re waiting for a response I recommend contacting our helpline. Details can be found here:<wbr>pport/support-you/someone-talk/call-our-support-li<wbr>…</wbr></wbr>

They will be able to talk you through any questions you might have.


Hi K8e,


I do not have any advice, but I want you to know that you are not alone with these symptoms. I have been suffering with the same thing for around one year or more and you described my pain perfectly. I do examine my own breasts, but they feel lumpy all over so I never know what is normal and what isn’t!


It may be worth going back to your doctor and being referred again? I have been referred which I am waiting for. I think by having another examination at a breast clinic, you will hopefully receive that comfort you are looking for.


I am 25 and have had these symptoms since I was 23 or 24. With my age, the odds are in my favour of it not being serious- I am not sure if that comforts you at all- the fact that someone much younger is experiencing the same pain. There are a number of things that it may be that are not cancer.


Zutter x

Hi K8e,

I’ve had a similar thing for a number of years (co-incidently just finished my 10 years of annual screening after being trated for CIN1 too !) and yes having a young family does make you more fearful that its something sinister as you instintivly want to be there for them!

Personally my pain is non cylclical,there all the time as a nagging ache but much worse if I get a knock to that breast.

I had a mammogram on Tues this week, thankfully all normal. My breasts feel ‘lumpy’ too in the sense I feel little bits like the inside of a beanbag all over them and the specialist said this was normal too.  They said it was likley chest wall pain (coming from the muscles at the back of the breast attached to the breast wall) and asked me to keep a daily pain diary to see if i can identify any triggers etc.

I’m sure everyone will advise the same in that go to your GP to have it checked out, better safe than sorry.

Hope all goes well for you and that you get the peace of mind you are looking for.x

Thank you ladies for replying. I have an appointment at the breast clinic on Tuesday of next week. It has been a long wait but finally on the horizon. I had a couple of weeks there with no pain but back with a vengeance tonight. I’m praying it’s just all hormonal/cyclical/in my head! Glad to hear I’m not alone…x