Contraception Help!!

Contraception Help!!

Contraception Help!! Hi everyone

I know that this has been covered before but i havent read about anybody wanting advise for triple neg tumours.

I finished treatment in March and things are almost normal( well you know what i mean).
I need some advise on what options there are for us triple negs regarding contraception,was on the pill before dx. Ive been told its either condoms, Myrena coil or sterilisation and thats it! Since dx been using condoms but dont like the idea of having to use these forever, have read Myrena coil has side effects like the pill and periods are either really heavy or non existent.
I dont want to be sterilsed even though i dont want more children(another op- dont fancy it). Vasectomy out the question.
I just wondered if anyone knew of any other contraception methods out there, not ready for giving up just yet!!!



Implanon? Hi Gilly
One that may be worth asking about - as I have no idea whether would be suitable or not - but doesnt seem to be offered that often - is Implanon implant. It’s progesterone not oestrogen, is a little plastic stick (about the size of a hairgrip) goes in under the skin in upper arm through a tiny cut doen under local anaesthetic - you might only have one arm suitable…stays put doing it’s job for 3 years then change it for a new one. I’'m on my 3rd one now in the arm that had lymph nodes taken. No-one thought I needed to have it removed when I was diagnosed or when my tumour receptor tests came back +ve - breast surgeon or oncologist as it isnt oestrogen. So mine stays put forever even when it runs out cos of which arm it’s in. Not sure I’d have a new one in the other arm given my positive status, but no-one else is worried about it

side effects (as ever) vary person to person, but mine was just the effect on periods - almost non-existent at about 3 a year
it’s probably worth asking about anyway as I was only told about it when I didnt want the pill, and my body wasnt going to allow a coil in (went into shock so it only stayed in about a minute)
I think the myrena is a progesterone releasing coil so it would seem that progesterone is ok?

be interesting to hear what thoughts are on this one
good luck!

Myrena Coil Hi Gilly
Also triple negative and sorry I can’t help with your request for info on other types of contraception but just wanted you to know about my experience with the myrena coil. Had one fitted in 2002, told it was okay to leave in after diagnosis, still got it and have had absolutely no problems with it at all. When it was first fitted it took a couple of months for my periods to settle down, a bit heavy at first but then they stopped altogether. Haven’t had a period for nearly 5 years now. This one is due to come out soon (must be replaced after 5 years) but I am currently waiting to have my ovaries removed so will probably not bother with another one, but would recommend them to anyone else.
Hope this helps.

Hiya Gilly,

Im triple neg too and have also finished treatment (chemo and rads) so could do with knowing as well.

Prior to diagnosis i was having the depo injection but had to stop as i’d been having it for longer than recommended. They changed me onto the Implanon implant which was removed prior to treatment (precaution reasons i assume). I didnt have any problems whilst on it so may ask for it again if Im allowed it.

Good luck. Ju x

I am hormone receptive. Prior to been DX I was on the pill, which is now not an option, and as i’m with a long term partner, condoms aren’t really a practical solution, so I have had a copper coil fitted, which gives off no hormones (so in theary no side affects) and apparently can be left in for up to 10 years. I’m hoping to have mine removed in 4-5 years after Tamoxifen so I can think about starting a family. Hope thats given you thought for another option.
Lisa x