Convinced I have bc

I’ve been here before a few times with worries of lumps found which have turned out to be cysts and fibroadenoma.
I had the mirena coil fitted in September of last year to help with endo issues and since then have had heavy painful breasts. I check myself regularly and on Christmas just gone as I was getting into the shower brushed some clothes fluff from my right breast. As I did so I felt a large lump close to the skin above my nipple. It was unmistakable but de finitley not there the week before when I carried out my breast exam. Got GP apt immediately, they were so good. GP. Is Convinced it is a cyst as it’s moves and is soft but my worry was how large it was. I put it behind me over Christmas.
My breast clinic appt is tomorrow and I cannot sleep. I feel that the pain in my breasts is increasing and I have constant muscle, back and neck pain. I have convinced myself it’s mastiesised.
Anyone out there with some words to get me grounded again and to make me see sense.

Hi claireabella,
The mind certainly can go into overdrive with waiting & the anxiety, hyper awareness & tension that goes with it, will also give you the symptoms you describe.
The GP is most likely right about this, it’s far more likely to be a cyst than bc especially as you have a history of this.
The important thing is you’re getting it checked out, so there’s nothing more you can do now.
Chances are all’s well, it usually is.
ann x

Hi Ann
Thanks for the reply. The mind goes into overdrive when you’re scared. Thanks for the words of comfort. I will post back after tomorrow x