Hi, I am interested in peoples experiences of using the cool cap to reduce hair loss. I am currently considering using this when my chemo starts next week. Any advice etc would be great.


Hi Lynny
I used the cool cap through 6 chemos and it did work for me. ( I finished my chemos exactly 1 yr ago) I cannot say it was comfortable but as it was working I kept on with it. My Onc made it quite clear at the outset that as I had very fine hair he did not think it would work.At each consultation with him prior to each chemo he kept saying 'give it 7 more days’very unnerving.
I did loose all my body hair and most of one eyebrow but not my lashes.
Wishing you well Jackie xx

PS I have since been told that wetting the hair and applying conditioner prior to cold cap helps but I did not know that at the time. I did not wash my hair except once between cycles and combed it very gently with a very wide toothed comb and generally patted it into place. J xx

Hi Lynny, I used the cold cap during my FEC and used to dampen hair down and plaster if with conditioner. I then left my hair with the conditioner for as long as possible - usually four days min, but tried for a week. I had 3 FEC and managed to keep quite a lot of it, although I have thick hair. I am now quite thin on top and obviously very grey as cannot colour it. But due to it going thin and seeing scalp through it was advised not to carry on during my Taxols, as it would be too painful. I only try and wash it once a week as that is when most of it tends to fall out, if I can keep what I have I will be pleased, but not expecting miracles and wear a wig when out. Just don’t like the grey and how thin it is. Vain I know, as a lot of ladies only have this much hair without all the poison we are having! If you can cope with the cold cap as it is a bit uncomfortable, then persevere but I think conditioner and not washing too often is the answer. Have good weekend. Adi

good morning,

ive used the cold cap throughout my 5 FEC, i also wet hair first and use simple conditioner,my hair is also fine and i had it cut short prior to starting chemo, its not pleasant when first put on but once you get through the first 10mins its fine, take paracetamol a hour before its applied…results… well although it had thinned on top i still have hair enough for me to go out to shops or family, when i go anywhere special i wear my wig, plus another reason i decided to use the cap is for when my treatment is over there is hair there already to help with growth…
I could not and never would be brave enough to shave it of so if its important to you then give it a go,
Ive also kept my lashes, they go alitle brittle 1st week after chemo but ive been using Rapid lash from boots its a serum that you use on lids everynight ive used it for 12 weeks, ive always wore mascara and was devasted when i was told they would fall out, but ive managed to keep them… i know this might all sound rather vain, but its got me through my treatment,

im wishing you all the very best, just ask away if there is anythink else i can help with,

love and hugs

I used it with very good results - my hair got a little thin in one area on top where the contact with the cap hadn’t been too good for one session, but otherwise it just thinned a bit all over. I have quite a lot of hair, and I did follow the advice and have it cut very short before starting. I didn’t wet it, but then I wasn’t using the Paxman cap - mine was a rather low tech one that had to be changed every 20 or 30 minutes.

It wasn’t fun - and to be honest if the results hadn’t been so good I would have given up after a few sessions, but I am glad I persevered. I’m not at all vain and the prospect of being bald wasn’t too much of an issue for me - I just really, really hate having anything on my head and knew I would never get on with a wig.

finty x

Thanks ladies for all your comments. I think I will give it a go, use all your advice, and see how it goes. I will let you know the results in a few weeks!

Best wishes to you all.

I start chemo next month (6xFEC). I spoke to the chemo nurse yesterday and she said that the chances of keeping your hair using the cool cap was about 50/50 if you were having FEC.
She mentioned the conditioner as well and said that I should use one I don’t use regularly as I would probably come to associate the smell from the conditioner with my treatment. So if you have a favourite conditioner don’t use it with the cool cap.