Coped with my BC but devastated at my friend diagnosis

I was diagnosed in July 2014 and remained positive thro surgery and rads.On hormone treatment now Back at work and feeling fit and healthy thank God. But my treatment I nagged my friend to re book her cancelled mammogram. Cut a long story short my best friend of 40 years was fiagnosed on 16th October. She’s had surgery but has to have chemo before rads. It’s just I feel so much worse about her diagnosis than i did my own. Is that mad or what? I’m married with large family and she is very much part of my family esp because she is not married and has no family except us. I can’t stop worrying about how she’ll cope with chemo as I didn’t have it. I go to all her appts and try to put on a brave face and deal with practical things for her but inside I’m shaking all the time I’m so worried. Has anyone else felt it’s worse seeing one you love go through this xx

Always a shame to hear of family and friends with a diagnosis of cancer. No, it’s not mad to feel as you do, if you love someone it is hard to watch their journey. When my daughter was diagnosed at 30 with thyroid cancer, now fully recovered, I kept the brave face whilst constantly worrying, that is what makes it so hard. Equally, they are probably doing the same to not upset us. Human emotions are complex, an understatement, but I am sure she is extremely grateful for your support. X