Coping with chemo effects as single parent

Hi all. I am 58 and have stage one, grade 3 bc, no node involvement, her2 -ve, Er +ve. Having a second op next week to remove precancerous cells in margins of previously removed 16mm tumour. Was told to start weighing up whether to have chemo as I am likely to fall into the category of it being marginally beneficial and up to me. My main concern is whether I would be able to care adequately for my 5-y-old grandson, who lives with me. I also have a 17-y-old son. My friends and siblings all work full time so it would be difficult to get help. Anyone got experience of looking after young children alone while having chemo?

Hi there MF
First and foremost this is your battle with what lies ahead of you. The position that you find yourself in is not unusual,since now days Grandparents take on more responsibilities for their grandchildren. Every problem has an answer although sometimes it’s not the answer we want to hear. if you are the sole carer for the child then speaking to the counsellors of this forum maybe a good idea. I am sure that they have had to deal with situations of this type before…it’s worth a try. Xxthere is light at the end of the long tunnel…xxxxx