Coping with chemo & side effects

I’m just wondering how everyone else going through chemo is coping with the side effects… I’ve only one more session to go but its how I’m looking that im struggling with right now…
The hair loss was bad enough, but now the eye lashes & eye brows are barely hanging on. I dont recognise myself anymore. I hate looking in the mirror. And if one more well meaning person tells me how being bald suits me or what a great shaped head i have i think I’ll scream.
Does anyone else struggle like this?
The sweats from inside your head outwards & the sickness just add to the torture.


Hi Kels,

I had a little smile and a giggle when I read your message but not, I hasten, in a bad way! I had this, this summer, comments about my lovely head, suits me plus I had nice shaped ears, pardon?! I think they were all trying to make me feel better bless them so most of the time I mabaged to smile sweetly and not say that there wasn’t much choice toooo often!

I splashed out and bought a Victoria Beckham eye liner which is soft, eady to put on and blend, that heloed with no lower eyelashes and together with more make up than I normally wore helped me feel a bit more like me. I had a few eyelashes in the middle of each eye and used Prime Lash which was good. Eyebrows apart from a very few one end went too but gave me a starting point to draw them in. Have you done a Look Good Feel Better course, they’ve fab, it’s for people going through cancer and the make up ladies were great and we all went away with a big goody bag of makeup too, that boosted my confidence a lot.
Re: the sweats, they were hideous and Im afraid I haven’t git any answers for those:(

Glad to hear you’re nearly at the end of chemo, eyebrows and lashes were evident about 6 weeks ish after my last one, not amazing but they grew back fast. Wied of wsrning, you’ll have to get used to the “your hair’s growing back really quickly” when you don’t thinknit is and everyone wanting to give it a little stroke as it’s so soft, I felt/still feel like a puppy dog at times!

You’re doing really well, part of a tough but amazing club, big hugs x


Apologies for so many typos, should have put my glasses on!

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Hi Kels72 I’m so sorry you’re going through this it’s just not nice , I shaved my hair to take a little control over my cancer but the chemo is accumulative it does get harder thankfully your nearing your last :heart:
I actually had my eyebrows tattooed on before treatment and got a wig same as my hair also I got some magnetic eyelashes they were amazing this helped me so very much to look like myself as I struggled tremendously with actually looking like a poorly cancer patient, I didn’t tell many people either but only because I couldn’t stand the pity looks and avoidance from people whom didn’t know what to say , it’s very soul destroying but here we are breathing an fighting like the warrior women we are , hold your head up a fight on my lovely , bald head or not hair grows back stay strong and be kind to yourself, I found myself swearing a lot under my breath it helped me :rofl::heart_eyes: the look good feel better course was fabulous, a small hand held fan from Amazon was a godsend, take care hun lots of love and positive vibes xx Nikk’s


The bloating is killing me…. I just started my chemo this past Friday and I fell so nauseous and bloated. Any suggestions?

Keep asking for different anti sickness meds dont suffer. Drink lots of water flushes the chemo through your body. Hope this helps x


Thank you ill look into the course. Thanks for replying xx


Thank you :heartbeat:


Hello @Kels72

Be strong. You are nearly at the end of chemo. Yeeaahhhh. Seeing a different person in the mirror is weird, I look at my eyes and see the twinkle of life, of success, of a strong independent woman who has beaten cancer.

Being bald has its benefits. To compensate for no brows and lashes I wore makeup and sparkly earrings and jewlery.
The hair does come back, again different from before but yes it is good to have eyelashes and brows again. Some of the other hair I wish would disappear again!
Now I have short blue hair, or red hair, or pink hair, or purple hair and I love it.

Talk to your breast care nurse, they maybe able to refer you for arricular accupuncture, this can help with the sweats.

A book I read Breaking the Cancer Code by Dr Rubio gave me tips on how to deal with the effects of chemo. Two things I took from it were to take bio curcumin daily, bought from pharmanord. The other was hot baths with ginger and bicarbonate of soda for a few nights after having chemo. I would soak and turn and have feel good music playing loud and sing as loud as possible even though I’m tone deaf. Who cares what other people think - it’s my life and I am going to live it my way.

Hope you find your happy reflection in the mirror. Won’t be long before you are sprouting hair again. Wishing you well. Xxxx


Thank you for replying… how long did you leave your hair beore you dyed it pls? X

Hi @ kels72

It was 6 months from chemo ending.
I used Revolution hair colour which is natural without any nasties.


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You are not alone, all my hair fell off, I won’t even let my husband see me without a scarf on my head. Does not comfort me at all when I’m told my hair will grow back. I have a wig, my daughter bought me and I can’t get myself to wear it. I don’t look the same, I look so tired sometimes.
People praying for me helps.


I’m not there yet as I’m booked in for surgery in a week and then will be looking at chemo but the thought of losing my hair feels me with dread. I know you’ve probably heard it a thousand times but have you spoken to anyone about your anxieties around this?

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Hi :wave:. I totally understand you. I’m sick of looking at this odd person in the mirror. I do not suit baldness I know people mean well lol but no!! Sick of being ill with side effects. I’ve done 4 EC chemo and once dose was reduced it was bearable but still awful. I started Paclitaxel last week one of 4. Never been so ill. UTI. Horrific bone pain. Mouth dry. No taste. Fatigue. Vomiting. Then I have contracted Covid from my brother in law. So all that to deal with now too. Consultant is reducing dose for Fri but said that chemo is black magic. They can’t get the dose right for anyone and they just do what they think is right. It’s not precise. Original consultant said 6 chemos and 5 radiotherapy’s. This one says 8 chemotherapy and 15 radiotherapy. Plus margin of tumor removal s/b 1mm clear. Mine was 0.7mm. So more surgery. I really wish I’d done the onco test now to find out score. But it had spread to 4/17 lymph nodes. So I’ve done what’s supposed to be right but with this new info have I?? I wish you well and hope we both look back on this as a nightmare that passed xx

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I went to a wig shop but they couldnt style it like my normal hair & whats the point when all you want is to feel like yourself x

Ive visited charities that help with scarf styling ect… but as good as they are …

Im so sorry youre suffering. The chemo is horrendous i havent found anything yet to help with my sickness so the last round i didnt take anything as the side effects from the abti sickness meds have been awful.

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I’m sorry you’re going through this too. The anti histamine infusion and the anti sickness are just awful. I am going to stop after number 6 on Friday. I have no quality of life anymore and I know this chemo is to mop up any lurking cells but given how toxic it is and how my body is struggling I think enough is enough. I’ll crack on with the radio. I wish you well and hope you feel better soon lovely lady xx

Hello @carmen1

I feel for you , being a new version of yourself is very difficult to get used to. It’s not permanent tho, so Maybe see it as an opportunity to experiment and experience new looks.
When you can set yourself free and embrace the natural you may find yourself relax and get a bit of spring back, love yourself and be proud of yourself.
Your family sound like they are very supportive and want you to be happy too.

Sending much love and good vibes to you. Will pray for you too xx

Hi #j7-a66, just saw your post. I’m in exactly the same situation. Done 4 EC 2 weekly then 2 paclitaxel 2 weekly due 2 more. I’m really struggling with the anti histamine as well and don’t think I can continue. Did you stop? I’m worried what my oncologist is going to say. I’ve tried talking to the BCN and the chemo nurse as well as the registrar to let them know how much I’m struggling but no help there apart from slowing down the anti histamine infusion which still leaves me panicking! x

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