Coping with Filgrastin

Hi guys, can you help? I’m after your tips please. Had horrible turn with Filgrastin this morning, chest pain I’ve never had before, and throbbing back pain which then turned to panic because I didn’t know what was going on. Thought I was doing really well (first EC) but I’m worried now about how I’m going to manage so want to try to avoid future panics. Any tips please? Painkillers prophylactically? Which ones? Will of course speak to nurses too. Thanks all x

@Belinda_F  oh that sounds horrid… poor you. Was it your first injection and did you give it yourself? Doesn’t sound like an allergic reaction,  or do you think it was? Could you have had a panic attack? I know I sometimes have strong emotional reactions which often manifest themselves physically (chest tightness, flushing, high blood pressure). You do need to ring the helpline for proper advice. 

How do you feel now? I do hope you are okay and tomorrow is better… 

Take care and let’s see if anyone else has better advice x

Ps sorry, you already said it was panic.

The only advice I have is to give the jab after a decent breakfast and in as calm a state as possible. 

It’s hardly surprising that we have these kind of moments is it…

I had awful, agonising back pain with it once - now I know why they mention having painkillers to hand!