copy of pathology report??

hi, did i read somewhere that you can ask for a copy of your pathology report i would like to know before my appointment tomorrow if poss so if anyone can help i would be grateful, although it is still all new to me i am trying to gather and digest as much info as it is given to me and although i write things down i still find myself going over things when i get home , it is all so overwhelming… angie

Hi Harmony

I asked for a copy of the letter sent to my GP, which helped a lot in explaining my diagnosis. You don’t take everything in when you are first told and it helps if you can have it written down.


I have read on these forums that you are entitled to a copy of your path report, some Health Auth’s / Oncs are happy to print them straight away while others insist on written requests, its worth asking Onc or BCN.

Personally I never thought to ask but I have an Onc who went through my path report in a very detailed manner, although must admit that I was with my GP just as my chemo was finishing and he pulled my path report on his screen and I asked him to slow down so that I could read it and I didn’t particularly like seeing it in writing, always felt the same when being asked to sign consent forms for treatment too.


Hi Harmony

I requested a copy of my pathology report but I needed to write and ask for it. This I did but when I received it there were lots on it I couldn’t understand. My onc wasn’t too keen on me getting it - said he had told me all that I really needed to know. I’ve got medical negligence and taking things further. However, if I didn’t have I’m really not sure that having a copy of your pathology report is that helpful unless someone is prepared to explain it to you. It needs to be explained with accuracy.



Hiya Harmony,
I asked for a copy of my path reports and all my notes!. They photocopied them while i waited. Just ask!!!
As Jeannie says you will need someone to explain it to you. I got myself in a real pickle until my oncologist explainred my worries away the next time i saw her!

thanks to you all for the advice i will be asking my BCN tomorrow


yes ,you can get a copy of your path. report but be warned ,combined with the medical terminology and seeing your diagnosis in “black and white”, it can be quite alarming.


After reading about the path report on this site I asked my bc surgeon if I could have a copy and he went straight away and copied it for me. No charge, although I believe some hospitals make a small copying fee.

Although at first it was like a foreign language, with the help of the ladies on this site, and Google, I finally understood it. No-one had told me (bc nurse, surgeon or Onc) that I also had DCIS intermediate grade, comedo and cribriform, so I am grateful I got the report and could sort it out for myself. I asked the surgeon if he had removed the DCIS along with the invasive ductal tumour and he replied that he had. Just forgot to tell me eh?

I believe this is the single most important piece of informaion we get.

I asked for a copy of my pathology report because my core biopsies said I had a benign lump. So I needed proof it really was cancer. It does need to be explained though. I found people on this site helped plus I think there are some internet sites e.g. that have explanations on them


Good Lord you absolutely can have a copy of the pathology report, and all and every report or anything else in your medical records.  They are yours.  

I am a two time cancer suvivor, just finished treatment in January.  First one was stage iva throat, the latest was prostate cancer.  Yes, I am a guy, but my sister went through her battle with Breast cancer and I was following it closely; hers was a triple negative.  Our other sister had adenocarcinoma in the upper GI.  All of us were diagnosed at age 42 with the first.  None of us has hit 50.  So having the experience I do, it is all I can do not to scream at the top of my lungs why people are evening asking tthe question.  


100% you are entitled to your medical records.  Follow whatever procedure is necessary vis a vis the regulations, but those are your records.  Maybe they charge a fee for copying, etc. still those are yours on demand,  All of it.  Focus on your health, not on this.  Go get your records!