Cording a year after op

Hi everyone
I had an axillary clearance and lumpectomy 11 months ago, afterwards I had painful cording which I managed to get rid of with exercises. I still do my arm exercises in the morning (to also help prevent lymphoedema, as I had this after the op too), but in the past few days my cording has come back and is very visible. Has anyone else had this return so long after their op?

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Hi there - yes - my cording comes and goes. Sometimes I know it’s because I’ve lifted something I should not have and at other times it just seems a bit random. I do my exercises every day now rather than when it starts which seems to have helped.

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Thank you, that’s good to know; I didn’t realise it could come and go.

I had my mastectomy and ancillary clearance in January 2021. I still get some cording every few months. I have some very simple and easy exercises to do when it flares up. I ought to try to do them all the time to see if it stops the cording from appearing - but I doubt it as the exercises are designed to ‘snap’ it away!


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Thanks for sharing your experience. I think I naively thought once it had gone it was gone for good. If it gets really bad again I’ll ask to be referred to a physio.

I had My mastectomy on Sept 1,2022. I only noticed cording this May 2023. I have been going for Physio treatments. My physiotherapist told me that cording can be caused by radiation. I had 20 radiation sessions which ended March 8,2023. My physiotherapist has given me some exercises to help with the cording. Hope your cording issue will resolve soon. Hugs.

Thanks for your reply and I hope your cording improves. I also had 20 sessions of radiotherapy in April, so you may be right that this has made it return. I think I might as well request physio so I know what exercises can help. Sending hugs back!