cording in my hand

I had a mast and axillary clearance 2 2 months ago. after 5 weeks i got cording down my arm which has evetually cleared with me exersieing. However the last few days I have had a pain and tight band in the affected hand and was wondering if it was cording and if anyone else has had similar. It is making if difficult to use my hand and as it ia my dominate hand it is a bit of a pain.

Not sure what to do. I am not seeing the surgeon for 6 months and my BC nurse is useless.

Hi Redpark,

Sorry I can’t help you regarding your hand. Like you, the cording on my arm has improved with exercise but I don’t have any problem with my hand (not yet, anyway).

I will try asking my bc nurse in case she has any advice.
Best wishes :slight_smile: