hi been to clinic today its def cording ive got gtg to physio been told to massage it and carry on with exercises just wondered if any one knew any other things to do to help relive this and the soreness from it thanks laura

Hi Laura,

Sorry, can’t help other than to say persevere with the exercises. I had it for a while but it gradually went. Good luck!


Sorry if you have posted on other threads about this, but how long ago was your op? I developed cording shortly after my WLE/SNB. It lasted several weeks and now, 7 weeks post op, it has virtually gone. I just kept doing the exercises and massaging it. It started at the armpit, went down to the elbow, then I had it from the elbow to wrist instead, and very recently from wrist to hand. Just a matter of time, I think. Good luck.

Ann x

Hi, just to add yes it does go eventually i had it for a few months after surgery ( surgery 27 Oct ) but never had any since May. I saw the physio pretty regularly for the massages. I was also shown and excersise were you stretch your arm along a table or wal and make your finger walk away from you , really stretching each finger as you do it, i did it lots , yes looks a bit odd but i think it did something.

r xx

Think im getting an attack of the cording! doing my exercises regularly but getting strange sensations tingling down my arm. Its so liberating reading everyones versions of this cording business and very reassuring to know that eventually it does go. So thanks everyone. Im new to this cancer lark and boy its a task!!

hi all thanks for tips had op a month ago have been saying to clinic i thought was cording but they were saying no just tight now they belive me …i have quite a gd movement in arm so hopefully will get sorted soon

Truly keep on with the excersises and I asked the physio to use a bit of Aqueous cream when she was massaging that way she doesn’t tug at your skin and is a bit more comfortable


Laura - I just massaged my arm myself. No-one offered physio. In fact, at the results’ clinic, the surgeon was really surprised that I had it, as I only had the sentinel node removed. Still, it’s mostly gone now. Just keep doing the exercises. This was one time I actually took notice and did it!

Ann x

thanks all i will do it let u know how i do arm pit is quite tender at moe so massage is hard i will try the cream see if this helps i also only had sn biospy so they find it hard why i have it also