It seems I may have developed cording in my arm/armpit/chst wall, but it’s been 16 months since my op!!. Interested to hear from anyone who’s experienced this condition so far from surgery and what worked best for them to reduce it.

Hello Cathie

I had cording quite badly about the same sort of period as you, I went to see a lymphodema nurse and she gave me massage to the arm and chest, it was a bit painful /uncomfortable at first but after about 3 sessions the improvement was fantastic.

Rhian x

Hi Rhian
I was kinda glad to be told thats what it was-I’d been getting myself worked up that maybe…well you know the thoughts that creep into your head.
Really glad youv’e found improvements.
Keep well

HI there, sorry you have cording - its a pain to get rid of but pretty simple - just lots of gentle stretching, maybe you could see a physio to get the exercises, or I could try to describe them!!!. I have to do the exercises about 4 times a week to keep it at bay, and did them about twice a day when I first got the cording - best of luck with it, Nicola

i had cording pretty soon after surgery but it comes and goes now (5 years post surgery to right side and 2 years left side).

still have fairly tight cods in both armpits… cording on right tends to run down my arm and into my middle finger on right side it goes the opposite way through my boob and its called mondors disease.

iv done the stretching, seen the physio, exercise, kinesia tape, brufen gel etc but it just really got better by itself but it does come back every now and then… if im driving long distances or bump my arm then that seems to make it worse the brufen gel does help a bit but none of the other treatments have really made much of an impression.

my consultant said some people are just more susceptible to cording and that why he thinks i got it with the second surgery too… as most people never have it.

its prob worthwhile seeing the physio and see if she can advise you as although the treatments didnt work for me they may do for you.

lulu x

Hi everton babe

I hade severe cording after surgery and really couldn’t even lift a knife to cut through my food. The cording could be seen on the inside of my elbow but after some physio to break it up and religiously sticking to the exercises it went. That was three years ago I still have a bit of a problem under my arm every so often but it really doesn’t stop me from doing anything. The exercise that was so good for it when you can safely do it is swimming and I swim at leasst once a week for this purpose. It is horrible and painful but it will get better.

Good luck Bev

Hi everyone
Thanks for your messages.Ive been in touch with BCN and the specialist physio is on A/L so have been given an appointment to see surgeon-in a month!
Im going to see how I am tomorrow as I think it might be getting tighter and there is a bit of swelling under armpit.


I had a bit of cording shortly after surgery and found the best ex was to ‘hang’ from fingertips on an open door/frame. I also used to stretch the affected arm up the wall/doorframe at the same time as pushing my body past the arm (IYKWIM). That stretch did the trick for me - I even felt it ‘snap’ and haven’t had a problem since (fingers forever crossed).

Good luck xx Chris xx

oh dear having lymph nodes removed very soon what is cording?

Hi Hatty

Here’s the link to the BCC publication ‘Your operation and recovery’ which contains information about cording and other possible side effects:*/changeTemplate/PublicationDisplay/publicationId/100/

Best wishes

thanks Lucy that is brilliant.