When I saw the surgeon on Friday , he diagnosed the tight pain and limited movement in my right arm as cording . I have had a lot of pain in my forearm and what looks like a prominent tendon sticking out in my armpit . He is referring me to physio to help sort it out .
Was wondering if anyone else has had this and how long did it take to resolve ?
Jill x


I can empathise. I developed cording after a WLE and SNB. My physio was great and sorted it very quickly. She massaged my arm and pinged the cord quite easily. Be prepared, it actually went with a cracking noise but I hasten to add was not at all painful in fact I got relief from the cording pain almost immediately. I was encouraged to do the shoulder exercises 3 times a day. I had 3 appointments at weekly intervals and was cured, 10 months on and it has never returned.

Hope your treatment is as successful

Wendy x

Hi Jill,
I also started to adapt my life (standing on tip toe to reach into a cupboard to reduce pain due to cirding), so was referred to the physio i jad seen pre-op. I had 3-4 sessions, with relief and improvements after each,. Occassionally I have weird sensations in my forearm, but no more cording, and no more tip toeing to reach top of cuoboards :smiley:

Hi Jill,
Press for a referral to a.lymphoedema nurse too. We used to have one at my unit, but she has resigned and will not be replaced. Prvention is so much better than progression. She measured my arms, at that time there was a 7.5% difference, some is expected, but she provided all the advice so i can try to reduce my risks. Good luck x x

Hi Ladies… I am nearly 2 months on after all treatments including Radiation and my cording seems to be getting worse.  They Physio has only been giving me exercises, but there isn’t an improvement.  I really would like this cording to go - someone mentioned massage ?  Is this the only way to get rid of it, and if so, how easy is to get it to go ? Thanks, Lx

Hi all,
I have a further appt to see my physio fir further release of cording… i had had this wirked out previously, and once more have another cord which is painful and vusible if i stretch my arm up. I had sen my onc re anastrazole side effects and she refered me back to physio at my request.
I hope you may have had some resolution as this is a horrible side effect . Do keep going back, there is help out there. I will try to ask my physio on thurs if the actions she takes are commonly known to all physios.
Best wishes,