I thought I’d got away with it! I kept up the physio until about a week ago then eased off because honestly everything seemed fixed, the arm was moving normally and I was reaching above head-height with no trouble… then suddenly everything tightened up, the arm wouldn’t straighten and I had pain from armpit to below the elbow. :frowning: Driving seems to set it off something rotten.

So I’ve gone back to the exercises and movement is being restored but the hurting hasn’t gone. Back on the painkillers after three weeks of not need ing them.


Sigh… just when I thought it was safe to go back to my knitting…



Sorry you’ve got this. I made the same mistake by stopping the exercises too soon 'cos I felt fine…typical of me, thinkiing I know best. Not cording for me, but just a tighness, so resumed the exercises and am still doing them now and again 5 months after the op, just to keep things mobile. I guess these Breast Care nurses really DO know what they are talking about!    :-)  xxx

Hi Lin
I am the same! I had an axillary dissection 3 weeks ago! I didn’t have one painkiller in hospital…came home done my excercises and now have pain down my arm to the wrist! The armpit is stiff so I think there is some cording! I am going to see if I need physio!

I hope yours soon settles down!
Sandra x