I had quite bad cording last week. All under my arm and down to my elbow. Have been doing my own exercises. I remember from last time I had breast cancer and I got cording from elbow to wrist, they had me in warm wax and doing gentle stretch exercises and going just that bit further each day and going through the pain barrier!!! This time it worked. Putting my arm high up in the air was impossible and really hurt, but I did it as often as I could and pushed myself to the point where it dit hurt a bit and rubbed down to the lymph nodes (as that is what they think it is a build up of lymphatic fluid) and it has worked. still there and still some pain with it but no where near as bad as it was and much more movement and less pain in certain positions. Will keep to “my exercises” as they seem to help me so far. But if in doubt speak to your pyshio. She or he will help, show you exercises etc etc.

Hi all

I have added a link to a Breast Cancer Care website page called “After your surgery”, it has a section on cording which you may find helpful.

Best wishes

Hi All

Had to pass this on but not hospital recommended!! My cording didn’t affect stretching up, it was when I reached down it was really bad. Anyway, my best friend wanted to cheer me up and had a girls night at her house. I had a fantastic time and the drink flowed, maybe a bit too much!! Slept there and next day I reached down for my cup of tea off the floor and after a few seconds suddenly realised there was no pain, the cording had gone and I had full flexibility back!!!

Coincidence …maybe, but might want to think of a ‘cording party’!!!

Best wishes to everyone and hope its not too long before you are all ‘cord free’


So it was the cup of tea that did it for you Val ;o) !!!