Good morning all,

i had a left side mastectomy 3 weeks ago with axilliary node biopsy.

thankfully my node result was all clear ??

can someone who has cording please tell me what it feels like ?

i have a sharp pain from armpit into under arm…feels kinda like bruising. Not all the time.

feels painful when i stretch to use arm higher.

thx.  ??




Hi mini mad,


I had a lumpectomy last November, followed by axillary lymph noce clearance in December and I developed cording as a result of the 2nd op. It feels tight and restricts your arm movement but the more obvious symptom is the way it looks. Mine looked like cords running under the skin in my armpit and my inner elbow. (See photo below.)


It has now cleared thankfully. I found that daily massaging helped to get rid of it. If you’re worried, speak to the BC nurses. They should be able to confirm whether or not you have cording and what to do about it.


Best of luck.


Yes, Sara is right. Get it checked ASAP . It’s extremely painful and needs sorting. Massage, heat and doing the exercises, even though they kill, are helpful. X