Core biopsy - is this right procedure?

Hi all,

New here. I went for further investigation today after my first mammogram. I had a core biopsy but they must have taken at least 20 samples. I really tried to be brave but had to tell them to stop in the end. It’s apparently a very small area which is good but they kept on trying to locate the are with the biopsy which was really awful as it went on for so long. Also I have been told I will have to wait for two weeks for the results which sounds a long time. I just wanted to check that this is normal procedure and that two weeks waiting time is normal. Any feedback would be very welcome. Thank you x

hi sophie that was how long i had to wait for results, i was told i had a papiloma and it was inconclusive, i had to have the lump removed yesterday under local anasetic with vacuum biopsy and they then found another 2 lumps so they removed them and have to wait another 2 weeks for results, unfortunately it is a waiting game and its the waiting which is the worst, i hope you get good results take care jules x

Hi soph1e

Firstly welcome to the forums, I’m sorry to read you’re having such a tough time at the moment.  As well as the response you recieve here if you need additional support do give the BCC helpline a call on 0808 800 6000.  Here you can talk through your thoughts and concerns with a member of staff who will offer you a listening ear as well as emotional support and practical information.

Best wishes Sam, BCC Facilitator  

Hi sophie

I had my first biopsy a few weeks due to easter.

I have just been back for my results frm my MRI and had to have more as they found something else near the tumour.

The wait isnt plesant and can be frustrating i wont lie but ive found this forum as helped me massively and when i ever im having a wobble i log in and read the forums it helps.


I hate needles ( altho you coud tattoo me all day and tht wouldnt bother me) - but i look at i that the pain i have now will help decide on how im gonna beat this b****** xx

Hi Soph1e,

20 samples does sound a lot. I had 14 taken and they still hadn’t got any calcium in those but they decided to stop as they had beaten me up enough.
I was brave at the time but had many a wobble after rethinking how brutal it had been and I hadn’t expected it to be like that at all. Just remembering it now gives me shivers.

And yes, 2 weeks for results is about right and seems like a very very long time.
Try and keep busy to keep your mind off it is about the best advice I can give.

Good luck with the results.

Hi Sophie , I’m day 9 and counting … It feels like forever !! Despite the length of time so far I’m beginning to be confident i will hear soon … I’m closer to day 14 than 1 …
This is a fab site , it’s good to be connected to people who know how your feeling , there is lots of information on here too and reassurance … Chin up sweetie your not alone we’ve all got each other xx Jan

Thank you everyone. Really lovely to have so many replies. At least now I feel reassured that I’m getting the same treatment as everyone else. I just have to wait now but I’m an optimist and so grateful that my first mammogram picked this up so early. Good luck to you all xx

At this age of medical advancements, vacuum assisted breast biopsy has taken over the core biopsy in almost all image guided breast biopsies. VABB can be done with ultrasould, stereotactically with mammogram and MRI using Mammotome. Like core biopsy, it is minimally invasive but one top of that it can give much more sample acquisition with only a single insertion with high possibility to remove the lesions entirely. I am not sure why it takes so long for the biopsy results to be conveyed to patients. In the country where I practice, patients get to know their biopsy results within 24 hours. I hope this information helps all of you in this forum and know what to expect when you come across a suspicious lesion in your breast.