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hi im another new woman to the site. i had mamogram, ultrasound and core biopsy on tue this week, im scared of getting results on tues next week. im 40yrs old and a nurse in A&E so its expected that i have all the answers!!! but i dont im scared. i had hysterectomy in 05 and they found pre cancerious cells, im worried that they have started a chain reaction now. any help would be gratfully recieved. xxxxx

Hi Tigger,

I too am a nurse so I understand how you feel about surgery and cancer spread - we’ve all heard of the ‘open & shut, dead within a few weeks’ cases of surgery. But don’t let your imagination get carried away - ‘they’ can’t start cancer spreading, and although breast and ovarian cancers are sometimes related, it would be very unlikely that anyone has caused cells to spread upwards.

It is frightening awaiting results and we all expect it to be the ‘worst’ news, but as everyone says 9 out of 10 lumps are not cancerous. If there are pre cancerous changes or indeed bc then you will be given support and excellent treatment to get rid of it. The waiting is horrible, and often one batch of tests leads to another and entails more waiting. talk to your breast care nurse about anything that’s worrying you - they are generally extremely helpful and kind and are available between consultant appointments. And of course talk on this site - you will recieve tons of support here and we are here all the time!

Td x

Hi Tigger, i am also a nurse and like you people seem to think that we have all the answers, but we have different specialities. I had my mammogram, ultrasound with fna two weeks ago and had to wait a further week before i had my core biopsy, that was a week ago and i still don’t have a date to go and get my results. I am in a state with worry, my GP phoned the hospital today so we know that they are ready but the Consultant has not signed the report and they will not forward the results though i would be happy for my GP to get them and tell me what they are! I also agree with waiting angel that they won’t start the spread just because you have had a hysterectomy. I myself am 44 and this is the worst waiting game i have ever had. I wish you well please let me know how you get on on Tuesday i will be thinking of you.


well my results are ready and i want them from my gp rather that the consultant that i have been seeing on home ground is much better even if i hav to go and see my consultant it would still be better to get results from my gp.roll on monday as i hope they will send them then. At least the waiting will ber over!!

Sorry i meant to post that on my thread about “core Biopsy”

Hey Tigger -any news??

Td x

well got my results!!! i have abnormal cells in rt boob and they have reviewed mamo and want to scan lt boob on friday and ? biopsy that 1. i have to be discussed at guys on mon to decide if they will remove by needle or insision ouch!!! then we will go from there as to wot to do it will be ??? wot they find in biopsy, good news is they have got it really early so hope this will zap it. no lump under arm as i thought but grateful it hilighted my boobs.
thankyou all so much for your kind words and support, it is amazing that you guys dont know me but care. xoxoxoxo
opps i got it wrong i aint 40yrs im 49yrs soz about that. doh my brain mush at mo.
so how is every1 else??? wot the news???
cheers xxxx
oh ps my hubby says its a good job he`s a bum man!!! lol. xxxxx
heres to fri!!!

Hi Tigger i have been thinking about you! Your hospital is much quicker off the ball than mine. I knew that i had abnormal cells from my fna and it was decided that i should have a core biopsy which was done two weeks ago but i stil have not had an appointment through to go and receive my results. I know that they are ready as my GP has been trying to get them faxed through but my consultant doesn’t do that she likes her patients to come in and get them from her but like i say that was 2 weeks ago today that i was in and i don’t have an appointmet to see her yet. I am hoping that no news is good news but to be honest until i get the result i am still going to be worried sick. I have harldy slept since my recall 3 weeks ago. I don’t think they realise how worried people are. Good luck to you for Friday. X

Hi Tigger

  • how did it go on Friday? I was looking at my little core biopsy scars ( I had a mastectomy, but as it was ‘skin sparing’ in order to get a good recon job, I still have those marks!) today and thought of you. After my core biopsy I had to wait 10 days for the consultant appointment, but as I was frantic to know I looked them up on the system - don’t know if you’re a nurse in the Trust that you’re being treated in - then rang the BC nurse to discuss them as I frightened myself to death as I read about the abnormal cells but didn’t of course know what comes next! My BC nurse was great there on in and by my request rang me with each result prior to mh consultant appointments so that I could sort out in my head what I needed to know. I’m not one for surprises!!

Hope you aren’t TOO anxious!

And as for forgetting your age, at least you forgot in the right direction!! I’m 45, have 3 kids aged 16,13 & 4 and have worked in nursing and midwifery for 26 years - if you count training!

Love Td x

Hi waitingange i know that you were speaking to tigger if you look at my post on struggling for support you will see that i am having a terrible time waiting for my results. I am a nurse at a local health centre but we get results from the Hospital 20 miles away. Would i be able to access them and how would i go about it i am frantic. Any advice would be much appreciated. I am worried about tigger as she hasn;t replied to our questions i hope that she is okay.x

Hi guys tigger back in the land of the living had to get my head straight. Im gona make you jealous i went to gp on the tues had appoint 2 wks later to see breast doc, had scan mamo and xray same day gave me results when i got back to clinic about 1 hr later, biopsy next morn, results 1 wk later, another scan and xray that day, then they dicussed me on the mon this week. lewisham brill and been attached to guys unit my breast nurse called me mon afternoon, they have said i have LCIS RT CYSTS IN LT. that means lobular carcinoma insitu!!! wow eh.
so the plan!!!
well im booked in on the 2nd dec for pre assessment at guys then on the 8th dec go in for my surgery, got to have general anaesthetic as they want to cut rather than do with needle hoover so they can be sure they get all cells, i should be out same day but bed booked just to be safe. then they will cut, slice, dye and look under microscope to see/ make sure they got it then will give me results 5 days later in clinic. my breast nurse ann and joan were fab and went thru it with me and also went on loudspeaker phone so mike could hear. i still have bruising from biopsy but lot better, they recon i will have scar and depending may have dent!!! lol. my manager at work told me today that i have to sign off sick and not come back till im well bless her. i work at queen marys hosp but went for lewisham as i used to work there when i was a hca so know the docs and lot of staff. i have been qualified for 4yrs so TD my hat off to you 26yrs brill!!! they have now nicknamed me KITTYCAT at work cause they miss my hugs!! ahhh. amaising where the support comes from eh. i am aiming to be well by dec 20th as we have work xmas do and i aint missing it (nothing to do with the hunky docs that will be there) lol. i have to say im scared and saying it makes it real, but im scottish and tough old bird. lol
i cant tell you all how grateful i am for your support and if i can help anyone in any way please dont hesitate to ask. i mean that OK!!! soz bout spelling mistakes !!! so shot me lol. take care speak soon. xxxxxxxxx

hey lol? how did u get on or is it this mon??? xxxxxxxxxx

Good to hear from you tigger i have been worrried about you. At least you know what is going on now, though i am sorry to hear your result at the same time. Not sure what to say other than good luck and i hope that they have managed to get you early enough Gee i am SO jealous your hospital is so quick off the mark I am still waiting for my results and am not sure if you have seen my thread but am having an awful time in trying to get them. Am going to the local press tomorrow see if that will move them. I to am scottish from the Aberdeen area where r you from. Sending you lots of love and best wishes. Keep us posted X

wot a coincidence im from stewarton small village outside kilmarnock. cant u change hospitals??? im in kent and have been here for 25yrs so maybe london different ( tho it shouldnt be) i think its bad that your waiting so long, shit in their handbag that works for me lol.
keep in touch my name is cat. xxxxxx

Ha ha well am not sure i will go that far but i am full of the cold and have a right phlemy cough so i might just cough and splutter all over her. Couldn’t change hospital but will ask if i can change consultant. My name is Laura not sure if i am aloud to post that though lol was the nickname that my husband gave me and some of my friends still use it. It was funny when people would e-mail my sons and or get texts with lol at the end i thought that they knew that i was there what a fool i was didn’t know that it meant laughing out loud. Would have used a different user name if i had thought but when i joined this site i didn’t know what to put my mind wasn’t working properly. I am 44 have 3 sons aged 20,17 & 14 my OH traded me in for a younger model (10 years younger with 2 little girls aged 4 and 6 ) 2 years ago. Me bitter not at all LOL !! and have been nursing since i left school at 16.making it 28 years. Jeepers has it realy been that long. How time flies when your having fun. ha ha. xx

hi laura pleasure to meet u. and nice to have a nutty one as bad as myself hehe. when i was at work one late shift(A&E) THIS WOMAN HAD COME IN AFTER BEING BEAT UP. SHE WAS SO ABNOXIOUS AND RUDE AND REFUSED TREATMENT FROM (BLACK DOC) FROM xray team as she didnt like them told nurse that was looking after her to fxxx off and leave her alone. i was so annoied that i went to her told her to sit and let us do our job or i would shit in her handbag!!! it just came out so thats wot im known for at work. it did work she had everything done i stiched her up and she left very sheepishly. but sent thanku note for me via my boss!! go figure!!! i thought id get sacked!!! phew!!! i have a 23yr lad, 19yr girl, and a 16yr lad who has learning difficulties but bless him got 5 GCSE passes just to prove them wrong!!! special school my butt!!! my hubby and me been together 24yrs and not all plain sailing but i whipped his butt into shape!!! i dont know you or your x personally but he the one losing out the best revenge is to do well!!! that wot my mum used to say. i was in a very distructive relationship for 5yrs and it was my mike who packed my bag drove me home to scotland then decided to marry me. so every cloud and all that. keep the LOL suits you sir!!! hehe. xxxxxx

Hi tigger god I’m not feeling nutty today just going nuts as i have just reported on my blogg think that what it is called Struggling for support. My results have been a nightmare to get just got this e-mail today from the complaints lady whom i spoke to yesterday saying that my consultant has now admitted that she does not have my result and that when she does it will be forwarded in a letter and not told over the telephone as this is not her policy. How lucky you were to have such an on the ball hospital i really am so upset about this i am sure that they have lost my results. I emailed my complaint to the cheif exec of hospital who has ordered and urgent enquiry on my behalf. Really down today. How are you? xx

dear LOL, omg they really messing with you aint they?? i would be goin nuts too if i were in your position, its wrong and you should follow ur complaint thru. im ok been to docs this am to be signed off till wk after op, my boss says to stay away till im well( in the nicest pos way of course) but it made me giggle cause he was not my usual and he was quite curt so i said he needs to adress his stress levels, he was a bit taken aback but apologised and signed me off till the 14th dec. im goin to opera to see riders of the sea tonite with hubby and he booked to see sleeping bueaty ballet next fri, im goin for dinner with friend from work on sat and taking my sick note up to work on sun so will have chance to catch up with guys at work. goin for my pre assessment on tue then chillin. do u find you cant keep to anythin i keep starting thing but cant concentrate?? do u do same?? i know my hosp wont tell results over the phone they did offer to send letter but i had questions so preferred to do it face to face. u have a right to be angry babe i would be in ur position. dont let the fxxks get u down tho. let me know wot happens. if u would like my mob let me know. speak soon. xxxxx

Hi tigger yes give me your mob number and i can give you a txt i would give you mine but i don;t know how to work the whisper back thinkg so that other don’t see the message i think that is how it is done. Knowledgy eh!! OOh you are posh with your opera and ballet!! am sure that must be good for relaxing you too. You did make me laugh with telling the doc to de stress.!! Well it just shows how going to the top gets results as i have just had a phone call from the complaints lady saying that they have found my results miraculously i may say and i have an appointment for Monday 11.40 am with a new consultant man this time - wonder why they not letting my own one loose on me HA HA. Hope that this one will now be taking me on papdon the pun. I am quite prepared that i have something which is early caught as like you i had abnormal cells though she said more normal than abnoramal but that was why i needed the core biopsy - hence where i am now waithing to see what it is. I am nervous i guess now that i do have that appointment would have been happy is it had been today though and not have to wait another weekend. cirkey it will be crazy getting through this one will just have to keep busy but i have not much energy with being in bed past few days!! On antibiotics too so won’t even get a wine. This is when i miss my hubby have nobody to cuddle upto. Any way have a nice weekend and will be in touch monday. XX

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