Core Biopsy

Hello I am like a rabbit in the headlights. Had a core biopsy L/B 14/03/2012 (hoped to receive results today). Previously had Hadfields (2008) due to nipple discharge (& uplift in 2005) however had been experiencing pain and under arm slightly swollen. Saw consultant early March sent me for mamogram and ultra sound, thought all was ok. I was recalled for core biopsy and further ultra sound on the phone bc nurse said it may be a cyst. It appears Scar tissue may be hampering view! I’ve been told today my biopsy may have been sent off late or the path lab been busy and the earliest I can expect results is next week!


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I am sure your fellow users will be along soon with shared experiences and support, in addition, our helpliners are here to offer further support and a listening ear on 0808 800 6000, the lines are open 9-5 during the week and 9-2 Saturdays

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Hi blobby

Can totally understand hating to wait for results - have you got a date when the pathology will be ready?

Wishing you all the best and fingers crossed for good news,


Hi blobby

I can appreciate how you will be feeling - the waiting for results is definitely the worst. I had bc diagnosed in August 2010 and following WLE, chemo and rads whilst on Herceptin last August I found what felt like a lump on the breast where bc had been. I had mamogram, ultrasound and then biopsy and was subsequently reassured that this was only the formation of scar tissue. I hope that you too hear this reassuring news very soon. Take care. Jayne.

Hi Boo

Thanks for the kind words.

BC said hopefully Path will send results Fri 23/3 and then team will discuss so maybe nxt week for outcome. In 2004 dcis was picked up on routine sereening: resulting in mastectomy and reconstruction so no wait. I feel as if I’ve frozen in time.


Hello Jayne

That news does give me some hope, Thank you for your kind wishes will keep you posted.
Its not a lump just a change in the nipple area and pain.



Many thanks for the warm welcome.

I know BCC are a wonderful organisation and will not hesitate to call upon your services in the future (if needed).


Hi I eventually got my results yesterday it took three telephone calls:consultant secretary read out a letter which said I had a cyst and a radiologist would contact me to arrange an appointment. I explained I’d already had core biopsy - after looking for my details it appears my results were in “file” and she could’nt give them to me!!! 2 Calls later to breast unit had a call to say it was “ultra duct proliferation and calcification” and would need further diagnostic assessment (tissue sample with good margins).

I’m booked into see the consultant 04/04 will keep you all posted.
This site is amazing and to all the brave contributors thank you.

B x

Hi there just for info.

Im due a wire biopsy on 28th May (due to annual holidays and bank holidays intervening). My consultant is very positive that the outcome will be benign Adh and will be monitored annually with mamograms.

In the meantime thankyou for the kind words.

B x