Core needle biopsy complications

Hi all!
Had a core needle biopsy about 12 weeks ago, all came back benign. However I got a secondary infection about 7 weeks ago, but consultant put me down as having duct ectasia!!!
Saw a breast surgeon last week who checked it and said nope all clear and no surgery needed.
However, yesterday and now all of today, it’s really really tender and sore and a bit swollen/hard again where the original cyst was. Pain feels different from last time, more sensitive and like little electric shocks.
Quite frankly I am getting a bit bored of it all and fed up that there is no information out there on what to expect after a core needle biopsy.
My question is would this likely be scar tissue. Finished my period today so I don’t know if this is linked!
Any help would be appreciated!

Hi I’m Anne and just popped over from the going through treatment threads. It seems a long time ago since my core needle biopsy end of august and since then have had right mastectomy and 1 session of chemo.just to try to reassure you I had no pain or tenderness with my tumour and your pain sounds like an infection but you need to pester them to sort you out as whatever it is its not normal. A good rule of thumb is if your worried keep at them thats why they are there to make sure your ok. Hope that helps we know what it means to worry xx.