Core needle biopsy- what should I expect??

I had a recall after a routine mammogram and following a magnified mammogram and ultrasound have been told I have several clusters of microcalcifications and a fibroadenoma in the left boob. I was told that they were not concerned about the fibroadenoma but because there were several microcalcification clusters I would need a core needle biopsy guided by mammogram. Due to previous commitments I’m unable to have the biopsy done until next week. Can you guys tell me what to expect during and after this procedure please? What is the anesthetic like? Is it uncomfortable? Will I have pain and bruising afterwards? And if so how long? I’m less likely to worry about it if I understand before hand what’s going to happen. Thanks.

Hi Michaela, when I had my biopsy it was done under a local anaesthetic. Was a slight sting when they did the injection, but after that it didn’t hurt. I had bruising after the biopsy which lasted a good few weeks, however I am quite pale skinned so my bruises usually look worse! The biopsy results will usually take a week or so. Sissy xx

I had one last week and I am the biggest needle phobe ever! Besides my partner who passes out at the sight of them. I would of preferred time before to prepare myself however dr strongly advised I needed it there and then. I was white, shaking like a leaf, my usual rock (my other half) was hiding behind the curtain but the nurse was great she held my held even though I said I would probably break it. Dr was trying to tell me step by step what he was doing I asked him not to and just do it, I stared at the wLl and the nurse distracted me with Christmas talk and it was soon over, I can honestly say I m a huge wimp but I hardly felt a thing I describe it as being at dentist when you get a local,a tiny scratch I needed two as wasn’t numbed , I could feel him doing stuff but there was no pain. Honestly I don’t know why I was so scared there is nothing to worry about, no need to be worried and hope you get good results xx

Thanks for the info both of you. Sounds straight forward. If I’d been able to have it done when the doctor wanted I don’t think I would have thought much about it but I’ve now had to wait 2.5 weeks. I hope you get good news too. I will post either way. Xx

Hi, I was recalled after a routine mammogram and I had a biopsy on Monday last week, I had a local anaesthetic so after the initital sting it wasn’t painful.  I was a bit sore the day after and didn’t feel like doing my usual running club training night but other than that it was ok - nice bruise to show for it though.

‘Just’ waiting for the results now - Thursday can’t come soon enough.  Good luck x

Thanks. I’m having it done on Thursday morning first thing and I’m flying the morning after so I hope I’m OK!

Will you post your results here either way? Let’s all hope for good news. There’s few people that post good results from their biopsies yet statistics say that there should be more of them! Good luck! X

I was a the hospital for 2 hours yesterday. They did both ultrasound and mammogram guided core needles on 2 different areas. 13 samples in all. Obviously an unpleasant thing to have done but it was OK and the anesthetic worked perfectly throughout. I only really started to feel any pain around 30 mins after they had finished. Now wait 2- 3 weeks for the results. X