Core needle biopsy?

I am almost exactly 2 years out from breast implant removal (explant). In the past month I have started having chest pain around the left side of my sternum (after a 3 week cough so I assumed it was from that) and I have been having left breast pain over the past year or so that comes and goes that I attributed to scar tissue or maybe pulled muscle from my workouts. But I went in last week for a mammogram and ultrasound for the first time since explant. Mammo was normal but ultrasound showed a cyst on my left breast (10:00 position) that didn’t dissolve like the others found at my pre-op exams. The radiologist said it had grown (not sure how much but it is now 8x7x4mm) that it was “mildly complex”. They have me scheduled for a core needle biopsy Sept 1. I have extreme anxiety and am really freaking out, anyone have something similar? If so how did it turn out? I’m more worried that it’s a core needle instead of fine needle, isn’t that a bad sign? I’m imagining it is cancer that has spread everywhere and that’s where the pain is coming from. 

Hi wanderlust

Mmm, golly. Sorry to hear what a time of it you’ve had, and are still having . I would hope and think they’re taking a core biopsy as opposed to a needle one, because the cyst has grown, and “mildly complex” perhaps meaning, at the moment, they can’t tell what it is? So need to take a larger piece, than just a tiny needle one, in order to be able to carry out a larger number of tests on it, to get a more accurate, clearer diagnosis.

I soo hope it isn’t anything further serious for you.

Lots of love and fingers crossed, Delly xXx