Core needle biopsy

Hi all. About 4 weeks ago I went for an ultrasound but ended up having a core needle biopsy after I discovered a lump next to my right nipple. I also had a swelling, hotness and a severe stabbing pain. This nipple has always been partially inverted.
The biopsy was awful and I had a huge swelling after. I was prescribed augmentin and got my results next day. I was told there was a cyst and infection.
Last week I was on holiday and the wound where they went in for the biopsy was leaking a yellow clear fluid. As I was away I couldn’t get to medical care but it seemed to clear up on its own.
Stabbing pain, swelling(area near nipple has gone hard again) are Heat are all back in the same area, went back to GP yesterday and he has said I have an infection and has prescribed me with flucloxacillin.

Has anyone else experienced this after a core needle biopsy.
I am terrified that I have been misdiagnosed and that it is actually cancer. Or am I being completely irrational.

Hi ShellosaurusRex

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