Cosmetic surgery or leave it well alone?

My surgeon wants to improve the scarring and cavity that is on my left breast from a lumpectomy 11 years ago.  He wants to do this while doing a lumpectomy of my right breast for a new cancer. Surgery is planned for the end of march, and initially I thought yes, okay, but now I am having doubts.

I’ve had this scarring and crater-like dimple for a long time, I never expected any correction for it, and now I’m thinking, what if it becomes worse, what if I get seroma or infection in it, I’ll wish I’d left it well alone.

If I go ahead, I’ll have 2 sore boobs instead of one.

He told me how he would do it, and said it was only a ’ little op’ but I’ve already forgotten what he said, and to me, it’s a massive op!

If anyone has any experience of cosmetic repair from previous breast surgery, please share your thoughts.

Thanks   xxx

I have a dent from my lumpectomy it doesn’t really bother me , if your scarring / dent doesn’t really cause you discomfort or bother you cosmetically  I would be questioning the need for a second op too . Don’t be pressured into something you don’t really want .x