Cosmetic tattoos

Hi all,
Just turned yr 6 and all well…phew. I can’t believe I still suffer stress headaches leading up to checks.
Partial reconstruction (ld flap) with no implant to my much reduced boob after lumpectomy and rads. The down side is my back scar has stuck and I have to get it released in March…2 -3 years post surgery. Proposed release and some lipo underneath…anyone got any experience?
The main reason I post though… Great boob now, all healed, perfect size to other which grows and shrinks as my weight yoyos. Great shape, but I have the famous white scar running like a banana in the lower quartile of my boob. I look at it and I think cancer. I don’t want to be reminded every time I strip. Has anyone ever had a scar cosmetically tattooed? No idea of cost or where I would go. As quite a straight laced 51 year old I can’t see me strutting into either of my local shops and boobs out for assessment… But where we’ve been ladies, I’ll try most things now if need be.
My thoughts and well wishes to all at various stages of the journey.

Evening Blessing


Always really pleased to hear from girls a few years down the line, great news.  As you say it is always stressful attending appointments and that may never change.  Not sure what area of the country you are in, I live near Manchester and had Semi Permanent eyebrows a few years ago and have had colour boost as needed, i was glad when i lost all my hair during Chemo Nov 2012 - Feb 2013 as these made the hair loss less traumatic.  The lady who did them has her own salon but also does sessional work for NHS (I think in Ireland) doing nipple tattooing.  In her private work she does tattoo and scar covering in addition to the eyes / lips / make up. So i know somebody who does this type of work but whether she is in an area that is accessible to you I’m not sure. Do they have a tattoo artist at your hospital ?  Maybe you could enquire?   I am due to have reconstruction later this year where the plan is to create a nipple at the same time (had mx June 2013 with expander currently in situ) and will then see the tattoo man at the Hospital approx 6 months after to have the nipple tattoo to complete the look…This will be provided as part of the NHS treatment.


I could pm the name and telephone number if this was any use.  There are a number of similar practitioners on the internet but i guess you’d need to see testimonials and i think any Good Practitioner would welcome this.


No idea of cost for scar cover.  Eyebrows £300 which covered 2 planning sessions, eyebrows tattoo and the repeated 6 weeks after plus all aftercare.


Hope the upcoming treatment goes well for you Blessing.  Take Care   Gilly x



Hi Blessing


I had a phoenix tattoo done last year covering my left breast mastectomy scars, I too did not want to see my scar either and was fed up with a blank canvas.  I would advise to get it done, it would certainly make you feel better.  If you want to send me your email address I can send you a picture if needed


Kind regards