Cost of bisphosphonates

Does anyone know the estimated cost & effectiveness of pamidronate, zometa & denosumab?
I’m currently on zometa which seems to be making me anaemic & effecting my kidneys. Subject to scan results in next 2 weeks the oncologist (registrar) wanted to switch me back to pamidronate. I have extensive bone mets (spine, hibs, ribs, femur, humerous) & thought denosumab would be a better option?
Would welcome any thoughts & experiences so I can discuss with oncologist.

Hi Mildred,
I was on Pamidronate for over 3 months last year and switched to ibandronIc acid a year; the good news is that I have been stable ever since. Unlike you though, my mets are only in the hip and rib. The rib has healed and the hip is showing signs of Healing.
I have no experience of the other drugs.

As far as i am aware there have been no direct compariosn studies between denusomab and panidromate…but the compariosn with zometa favoured outcome with denusomab…and there is no evidence that panidromate is better (or worse) than zometa. Problems with kidney function is one of the main indications for switching from zometa to denusomab…i think its well worth a discussion with your oncologist! pamx

Hi Mildred
I have recently changed from Zometa to denosumab and find it so much easier - no more hunt the vein! Originally started off on pamidronate which was very time consuming ( 90 minutes) + herceptin ( 30 minutes). Due to the fact that I had to change to lapatanib my onc changed me to denosumab to take me off all intravenous treatments and give my veins a rest. Whenever I mention cost to my onc she replies with the lovely answer ‘don’t worry about the cost - you’re worth it’ and I know that she is fighting alongside me. I only have one kidney anyway ( from birth) so denosumab is a better option for me anyway.
I, for one, am very pleased to be on denosumab and at least my bone mets are stable - just wish everything else was, but that’s another story! Certainly give it some thought Mildred.
Liz x