Cough, runny nose!!!


Just wanted to see if anyone else has experienced the following whilst on Chemo (FEC) Since my second dose of FEC I had a sore throat ( which has now gone) but a constant runny nose and cough!!
I mentione it to my Onc and she has slightly reduced my 3rd FEC on Monday by 20%?

I just wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this? I am abit of a worrier and since being diagnosed with BC it just makes the worrying worse!!

Thank you

Donna xxx

Sorry just wanted to add it is not like your normal everyday cold, just really annoying!!

Hi Donna,

I have had runny nose/cough after every chemo, just as i seem to start shifting it I have another chemo & it returns.

I havent had a temp or aches/pains etc like a normal cold, just constant runny nose & irritating cough especially at night when trying to sleep :frowning:

I too mentioned to Onc who advised just another se of immune system being low.


I had a sore throat after each chemo and i kept a symptom diary and realised it was a se of chemo as it followed the same pattern each fec chemo. It wasnt sore in the same way after tax but still hurt. I think the cells there are fast growing so susceptible to chemo? My throat really hurt though. The chemo affects the cells inside your nasal passages which can make yr nose run. Also, it kills off your nasal hair which also causes a seemingly permanant leaking nose! The good news is that it passes and this will all seem like a foggy blur to you soon, though it sucks going through it. All the best