Cough with chemotherapy

Hi all

My mum started her chemo yesterday afternoon - FEC-T. She had the FEC part. She has COPD and prior to chemo she had a niggly, dry cough that was persistent at first but would then only wake her maybe once per night and then would subside with a mouthful of water or over the counter medicine. I was worried about metastasis although the cough was improving.
anyway she had a CT scan 10 days ago and MRI and registrar told us yesterday that they were clear. These were done as routine for the run up to the chemo - not due to cough.
Her cough was almost gone until she had the chemo yesterday. She said she had a bad night coughing and has been coughing today. Obviously it’s too early for it to be due to infection from lowered immunity so I wondering if it’s a reaction to something. She is going to call BCN or oncology if she has a bad night again.

Anyone else had this symptom so soon after their first FEC session?



I had a dry cough but no infection it lasted longer each cycle cleared up about 6 weeks after finishing but was awful and would make me sick sometimes.
I feel for her as my mum had copd so a cough on top must be awful. hugs to you both.

Thanks Jannie. It only really lasted the first day after chemo so wondering if it will happen again at the next cycle. Maybe one of the chemo or anti sickness drugs?


Hi Maggie

She’s been doing well. She’s at 5 days now. The cough only lasted 24 hours. She said she has dry mouth (?anti- sickness drugs do that) and constipation since yesterday. She was told that was likely. Think she said its rumbling (her stomach). Other than that, no sickness so far. She felt a little tired today but she’s been chasing about doing jobs for people (does a lot for her brother who went blind recently) so that could be a factor.


Glad she’s doing okay…Make sure she tells them about all side effects they have something for everything.
I did cough longer on each cycle all gone now.