Could I ask for some advice please.

Hi ladies, I wonder if you can give me some advise please, I had a WLI with SN on 3rd Oct, everything has been going ok except my breast has felt really heavy, I expected some swelling which is fine, but the place i am getting the most discomfort from is the brown bit around the nipple where they did 3 injections of that dye stuff before surgery, it is a sort of pale and seems quite hard, anything resting brushing against it is really quite uncomfortable, last night I did notice some dimpling/orange peel down the front of the breast, it is a tiny bit pink left side but only very slightly and a little warm not hot just warmer than other one. They operated on the left breast on the left side of it. Is this all normal please? I wont be seeing anyone for at least another week or so as they are waiting now on results of that oncoytype test so just wondered if I need to see anyone sooner. Thanks in advance. x

Hello and welcome to the forum,

I am sorry to hear about your discomfort, a bit of soreness and discomfort as well as shooting pains (where they have cut nerves) is to be expected but you should be able to make it easier with pain killers. If you are worried ring your nurse and ask her to have a look at it. If everything is OK she will reassure you and if you have an infection or a seroma she will be able to make sure it is treated.


I had a seroma (a collection of fluid) which had to be drained off but it did not hurt when they did it.


Let us know how you get on xxx


I would echo blueash. Give your bcn a call on Monday to reassure you. I’m sure they will take a look as soon as possible.

Sue xx

And me too, ring your bcn to get it checked out to be on the safe side.  You could also call your GP and get them to check it out if you are not able to speak to your bcn.


Helena xx

Thank you for advice, I did go and see out of hours this afternoon as was getting worried, it turns out it is an infection and they have given me antibiotic and drawn around it all to ensure it doesnt spread further. Thank you again xx