Could I have Secondary Breast Cancer?



3 years ago in my early thirties I was diagnoised with breast cancer - grade 3 but the cancer had not spread outside the breast or to the lymph nodes either. I had a lumpectomy, chemotheraphy and radiotherapy.


Now 3 years later I have just had an mannogram which was clear, however I’ve been feeling really unwell for 9 months now. So what i’m wondering is if I could I have secondary breast cancer that’s not seen in a mannogram and has started somewhere else in the body, even though when I had primary breast cancer I caught it really early before it spread?


Anyone’s help would be much appreciated.


Thank you!

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Hello Brisgate.
Welcome to our friendly threads. I think if you are feeling unwell …you need to see your doctor with your symptoms and let him fast track you for scans etc to put your mind at rest.
Normally if you have " fears" during the first five years …you get fast tracked quickly back to breast care. Or you could ring your breast cancer nurse and chat things through.
Hope this helps .

Hello Briskate,


You won’t know for sure until you’ve had medical advice but here’s my experience in case it helps.


My primary diagnosis was also grade 3 and hadn’t spread elsewhere. I also had a  lumpechtomy, chemo and rads (plus Tamoxifen for 5 years). It took 12 years before it reappeared as a secondary in my lungs and spine. Even then I felt well, and it was only diagnosed when I had a cough that wouldn’t go away.


Fingers crossed it’s something else. Even if it is secondary, it’s not an automatic death sentence. There are lots of treatments out there at the moment my cancer is responding well and hasn’t spread further.


Really hope you’re worrying unnecessarily but please come back here if you need us.