Could it be a hernia after DIEP flap?

Hi Everyone.

I had a DIEP flap Sept 07.Just recently i have noticed a movement to the right of my belly button when i sneeze,cough or get up from a chair.
Feels like a pregnancy baby kick(no i’m 51 not pregnant!!!)
It is quite painless.
Also my new flat tummy has got larger,may of added a couple of pounds(oops) but carn’t really pinch much fat.Also my tummy distends as the day goes by,from the belly button area.I have had a feel to see if i can feel any bulge which may indicate a hernia but it feels solid.
Thought after nearly a year down the line that everthing would be well healed?
Hsa any one had anything similar?
Thanks Karen.

Dear Karen

I would suggest that you contact our ask the nurse service, who will be able to give you more advice.

Best Wishes

Just been to my G.P. still non the wiser?

She doesn’t think its a hernia!!!

I had diep flap in sept 05 and my tummy also gets bigger as the day goes so ive tried to reduce my dinners little and often. If your not happy try and contact your plastic surgeon he has probably heard of it before. I have gained alot of weight with tamoxifan and i was on zoladex so now i have a roll of fat of scar …

hi Debs
I had this done nearly 3 yrs ago, it is fine honest, I am pleased that i made the choice to have it done because when you wake up you dont feel any different. Yes i did have my own room but i went private, and i was in hdu for 72 hrs after but they dont do that now that was so i had a nurse with me all the time. The op its self took about 10 1/2 hrs but the surgeon proberly worked slow every one is different i read someone elses only took 5 hours so dont take much by the time it takes. One thing i will say if you are going in the night before ask for a sleeping tablet they are brill, No i didnt have any pain after … the only thing that got me down a bit was the nurses have to keep checking every (i think) 15 mins to start with and as the time goes on it goes up to 1/2 hr and then hr but they have to do this to make sure it is going well. I stayed in for 6 nights after surgery, While i think about it i will say after surgery and for a couple of months after i did get a twinge like feeling in that breast like a contraction so dont worry because nobody told me about this, Please dont worry if i can get through this and i am the biggest coward walking im sure you can. Take pjs with buttons with you as you will have drains and you cant just undo the buttons to let them take a look
I can remember i kept saying to myself it will be worth it and it was honest . Are you having your nodes removed at the same time… Most of all listen to your body when you come out when your tired rest just rememeber to do as they tell you xxxxxxx